[Writing] Query

Would anyone like to read a brief (about 200 words) query letter I've put together for my most recent novel? It's what I'm calling my minimalist query in that it A. only focuses on stuff that happens before page 1, and B. doesn't get into too much plot and character, but focuses mainly on teasing the literary agent's interest. I'm mainly looking for feedback on flow and whether it sounds interesting. If it doesn't work out, I'll try a different approach that gets into Act 1, but for now I'd like to sharpen this one.

I have a goal to receive 50 rejection letters by the year's end :p, so I want to start sending this ASAP, but best to get some feedback first. Anyone who's interested, post or do a reaction icon here and I'll PM it to you. I'd rather not post it on here openly and get unsolicited comments from rando guests.
From feedback I've received already, I think it'd be best to go back and do some retooling/refocusing. If anyone else responds/PMs me/does a reaction thingy, I'll send them a revised version but it might not be right away.