[Question] Psychosis and traditionalism?

I know the title sounds clickbaity, but in the last 10 years or so I've had 3 people I know who have had a sudden onset of psychosis of some sort that needed therapy and meds that one of the signs was a change to ultra conservative/traditional political and social views. These people were all raised in a very conservative way, but had not been that way for a while.

I only made the connection yesterday when I noticed a 4th friend has increased their conservative posts mention that he is tapering his meds.

Tldr: is there a link between psychosis and more reverting to parented viewpoints?
A desire to return to a more comforting state as sanity slips and makes a person uncomfortable? It sure sounds plausible.

That makes sense, but the 3 from earlier all went to the "women should be barefoot and pregnant" and one went to "I should kill my kids to protect them from this world" level. (Her kids are fine and she is doing great with medication.)
I know that some Parkinson's medication can increase the tendency to gamble because one of the side effects is that it lowers the threshold at which the brain will go, "Aha! I see a pattern!" I suspect this medication could also cause an increased likelihood of believing in conspiracy theories. So it seems logical to me that whatever it is that makes a Conservative so conservative, there is a related brain process/chemical that influences that, one which can be boosted/cut. Could this mean there could be drugs to make you more liberal? Or do you have to be liberal to get the drugs? It's almost a chicken-and-egg kind of theory.