Podcasts PUHOY!

Where we TALK about Podcasts we like, because I haven't seen a Podcast threat on here SO fuck it!

I just finished almost ALL of "The Adventure Zone", and am currently going through "Welcome to Night Vale", both of which I LOVE!
Next Sunday, I'm going to the live show of How Did This Get Made?
I like Voyage to the Stars, an improv sci-fi show, but I prefer the season 1 theme song
If you like the tv show, The Good Place podcast is pretty fun
99% Invisible.
This American Life.
You Are Not So Smart.
Planet Money.

Hidden Brain - deals a lot with topics about the things that affect our decision making, and looks in to why we do what we do.

After On - Great podcast about just about every nerdy topic you could think of. Tech/AI/Genetics/Quantum Mechanics. I’d definitely recommend this to everyone. The host genuinely loves to learn, and it really shows.

Conan O’Brien needs a friend - I haven’t listened to one of these yet and not laughed my ass of at some point.
Planet Money is great. I never would have thought economics could be interesting!
My list should not be surprising when you realize my goal in life is to understand how everything works. Everything.
So once you learn enough about economics to see the relationships and how they interact, you start to see how the entire system behaves, and then it just becomes a case of watching the inputs/outputs to see how they balance and how long it takes.

This is also why I was fascinated by the idea of psychohistory.

My Favorite Murder - I may be slightly in love with Karen Kilgariff. Don't tell my wife.
King Falls AM - Imagine Nightvale, but the late night radio is hosted by a newly installed rock jock. Super funny. heartful, and actually scary at times.
The Magnus Archives - Good ongoing horror that starts as a monster of the week type thing but spins into an entire mythology.
Lore - An even mix of supernatural and just dark folklore. Interesting history stuff.
The Dana Gould Hour - An interview show that frequently makes me laugh my as off. If nothing else, listen to the Halloween episodes. I'll never stop listening, only because it gave me the expression "supercalifragilistic expialadickslap"
Superego - Possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. Like most improv, it doesn't always work, but when it does nothing compares. Example (animated):

I'll second Conan, Nightvale and How Did This Get Made
I can't believe "My Dad Wrote A Porno" hasn't been mentioned yet. It is exactly what the title suggests, and yet so much more. Three British friends (Jamie, Alice, and James) reading erotica (firmly in the "so awful that it surpasses good and goes into mind-bendingly hilarious" category) self-published by Jamie's father. Amazing due to the friends reactions and bewilderment, as well as their surprisingly famous guests who call in or visit. Laughed so hard while listening that I nearly have gotten into several auto accidents (so I don't listen to that one whilst driving any more). They're up to series 5 now, but you should start with series 1 to understand what little thread of a plot tenuously holds together the stories.

NSFW, obviously.


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Have You Heard About This Podcast?

That's it. That's the name of it. There's only 4 episodes so far but it's done by one... @Bumble the Boy Wonder.



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So talking with Bumble has made me rethink doing the whole podcast thing. I really liked it when I was doing it before and since I'm no longer streaming thanks to my part time job, this is something I could do once every other week or once a month just for fun.

Right now I'm thinking something pretty general like I did before, with a different overarching topic each time that may or may not be related to the rest. One cast might be about comedy, the next games (specific games), the next might be about Twitch streaming. Things like that. I have found a platform that would allow me to have people join in and it would give me complete control of them. And it's an "invite in" kind of thing, not just a "this person shows up in my Discord" kind of thing. So I can pick & choose who is there.

What I need, though, is a name. I prefer it to have something to do with CrankyOldDave in the title.

Gimme your best ideas!
Oh and I'd like to mention a podcast someone introduced me to just yesterday:

Behind the Bastards and Worst Year Ever are the two I follow currently.

I've really cut down my podcast intake lately since most of my favourites have been real slogs and out of steam.
I can't recommend a podcast more than today's Behind the Bastards where they leaf through Ben Shapiro's political thriller novel. It's fucking unreal.


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I was actually going to restart my podcast. Had some guests lined up, had a breakdown of topics, outlined a few things, tested a new platform...then COVID happened and everyone and his dog started one.

I knew that before it would have been small and lost in the noise, but that noise has turned into a cacophony.
That's the spirit, Dave. If you can't make your own podcast, you can at least crash guest-star on someone else's. :)

A lot of great ones mentioned. Ones I listen to that I didn't see above-

Hello Internet
Pop Culture Happy Hour
What Trump Can Teach us About Con Law
Test Drivers
The Indicator
Short Wave
Anthropocene Reviewed

Don't have as much time for podcasts as i used to though. Working from home means my wife wants to say something to me every 10 minutes, and i've sorta given up a lot of time even starting one.