Plex Server Maintenance

About a year back I looked at setting up a Plex server to make it easier to cast movies to the TV when VideoStream for ChromeCast was having issues, and went as far as downloading the (free version) software and setting up a "server," whereupon I learned it really wasn't going to be a good solution for me due to Plex's helpful nature of downloading meta data for all of your titles based on their name, and all of the names of my movies being "Title_00.mkv," so Plex downloaded all kinds of meta data for movies I don't actually have and has listed 2404 movies in my collection - most of which are Title_01.mkv through Title_14.mkv. It also did absolutely nothing to differentiate between my TV Shows and my Movies, so another good chunk of those 2404 "movies" are MASH episodes, Leverage, No Reservations, Top Gear UK, and the full run of Fresh Prince. And, of course, it also pulled media from storage locations I didn't tell it to pull from, so it has a bunch of rather private photos and videos in it that I don't want wandering around on the internet. Shortly thereafter, VideoStream started working again, and I deleted the Plex software from my computer and moved on.

This year, my ChromeCast device itself has been having issues, and with this being my second device in three years, I wasn't super happy about giving Google even more money, so I bought a Roku stick instead. Everything's good, except that I now need to use Plex to serve my movies to the Roku device. I redownloaded the free software, and there was my 2404 item movie library all ready to hook back up and get to work - which was nice, I guess. The problem now is, I've gone to the trouble of going through all of my DVD folders, renaming the largest mkv to match the movie name, and removing the excess mkvs; and now I'd like to have Plex reflect ONLY these renamed files, but instead it now lists 2504 movies - the original 2404, plus the renamed 100 DVDs.

I have looked everywhere I can think of. Is there any option out there that allows me to nuke this screwed up library attempt and start over? I really, really didn't manage to cram 2500 full-length feature films on my 2TB drive.
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I suggest using sonarr to facilitate batch renaming in a method that Plex likes to read. Also you can create separate libraries from movies and shows as long as they're in separate folders (music too), and that helps them not pull the wrong metadata.

An added bonus of using sonarr that it can they set up to automatically find episodes you are missing and send them to your torrent client, even in real time for currently airing shows.

There's a version for movies too called radarr, and one for music called lidarr. Of course, if you don't have a VPN (or your seedbox/Plex server is not located in the Netherlands, like mine is) you might not want to use the torrenting feature.

But it still makes it a lot easier to do the batch renaming for Plex.
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Also you can create separate libraries from movies and shows as long as they're in separate folders (music too), and that helps them not pull the wrong metadata.
This is what I do. When you set up plex, you specifically tell it if a channel is for TV shows or movies, so it knows whether to pull metadata from or My folder structure looks like:

and my tv show structure looks like:

It was a lot of up-front work to fix all my file names and stuff when I first did it, but maintaining is a piece of cake, and plex knows how to find all the correct metadata for everything I throw in there
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This is what it looks like in sonarr. The filenames and paths are already fixed in this example, but imagine they're not. All you have to do is select what series (you add the serieses you have/want in another window), select season, and select episode, all on pulldown menus... then hit "import." It creates the subfolders, moves, and renames all automatically. Any new torrents it adds on your behalf (if you enable that) are automatically moved and renamed when complete, too.

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Thanks for the recommendations. I was able to get the ChromeCast running again while I do the Plex maintenance (looks like the August heat got it again, even though it was a really mild August this year), so I wouldn't be tempted to rush the rebuild.