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Planning for next year a year in advance. :O

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OK, so my daughter has been determined for YEARS to dress up as Annie from League of Legends. I was hesitant to do it as a Halloween costume because I'm fairly certain not many people would know who she is. (Heck I made her a Milli from Team Umizoomi costume one year and people didn't get that either) BUT now that I plan on making DCC a yearly thing against my husband's will it seems like an awesome idea to do. Which of course also means that I need to dress up my son and I to match her (my husband is lame and is 99% guaranteed not to go along with it, but might if I make him something and he doesn't know I'm doing it until the last minute :p).


Right now I'm thinking of being Vi and having my son be Ziggs. (I just started teaching him to play LoL, but I don't let him play with anyone but me because lolgamechatassholes) What I always have the hardest time with is wigs. I have no problem with dying my hair pink, especially now that I started doing roller derby, but I have no desire to cut my hair to match hers. My daughter at this point also does not want to cut her hair, so really it's better to plan ahead and just have wigs ready to go.

Vi's accessories are a whole other ball of wax that I will worry about on my own first, and honestly will probably give me less hell than wigs. (I have this same backwards problem with sewing where hard things are easy for me and I stress the fuck out over simple to make things like curtains lol)

ANYWAYS WIGS! HELP! GO! I am on a sort of budget, which more or less amounts to being able to spread out small amounts of cash over the course of the year to be less obvious, so blowing $500 on wigs at once is more or less a no go.[DOUBLEPOST=1370883552][/DOUBLEPOST](Oh, I also have the ace in the hole of next year's Cosplay Shindig being on our anniversary, maybe I can use this to my advantage on the husband costume department. :p)
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My favorite wig place is:

They have the best selection and AWESOME wigs. They're thick (which is a problem with a lot of ebay wigs), easy to style, come in lots of styles and colors. Plus they fit fat heads, which a lot of American's have. (You can always measure your head just to make sure. 21" and under is a small head 22" and up is a big one.) They are definitely pricey-er than what you would find on ebay, but since I found out about them, I've never wanted a wig from anywhere else.

If that's not okay with you, here are some ebay stores that I know are pretty good quality:






Good wigs, that are in the length you want shouldn't be more than $35, plus shipping, each.

As far as styling goes Arda's youtube channel has easy to follow tutorials:

Also, THIS!:

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions about wigs or anything else, I'd be happy to help. :)
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My daughter is 7 and already wears an adult small helmet so yeah, she has the fat head in this family. ;) I'm going to give myself fits on wig styling I'm sure, but I didn't even really know where to start looking so this is a great start. :)
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On a not really random side note, does anyone know of a tutorial for a bear costume head... If I could talk my husband into dressing up as Tibbers with my daughter she would love me forever. ;)
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