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And I re ally think I asked something similar earlier, but I can't find the thread. Sorry.
I need a list of everyone I've ever mailed or who has mailed me, in the history of ever. Well, not me, the "info" address of my company. Yes, to send out a bulk Christmas mail to everyone and their dog. No, I don't want to.

Anyway, I made a list back in march of all our contacts - by hand (type "a", see al lthe auto-fill options, choose all of them, rince and repeat for "b", "c", etc. About 650 e-mail addresses in all).
Now, I don't feel like doing all that again. It's annoying and boring and urgh.

Outlook allows you to export mails...And it also allows you to choose which fields to export. One would think that exporting all mails from my "sent" box, deselecting all content and headers and whatnot, just keeping the "to", "cc" and "bcc" fields, would get me a list of all the addresses I've ever mailed to. It does get me a list of about 12.000 addresses. Filtering out to unique values, I have about 660. Which...You know, I'm sure there are more than 10 new contacts in the past 8 months. So, something's wrong. A cursory search has revealed quite a few addresses in the manual list that don't appear in the automatically made list. Crap.
So what am I missing? Anyone another smart way of going about mailing "everyone I've ever had contact with, because I'm a crappy spammer"?


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If the message is the same and the email will be the same to all, just keep your information in Excel and do a Word doc mail merge.
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It's spam, does it really matter if your most communicative customer gets 3,243 copies?
I can filter out identical copies, I'm more concerned my boss will look over the list, and find some unimportant twit highly important and consequential manager with a big client who didn't get a Christmas greeting and will be insulted.

I'm also sort of curious as to why exporting all receivers of our mail over the past years doesn't include all receivers of mail over the past few years. I sent an invitation to all those people back in march - that BCC list is 600 people. Not all of them are found when I export the list of people receiving mails from me, which doesn't make sense.
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Unfortunately I don't know enough off the top of my head to help you. I'd be looking in all the same places on the internet that I'm sure you are to figure out a complete outlook export.