[Question] Opening new tabs on mobile

This has been going on some time now...when I check this forum on mobile I tend to open four or five threads at once (due to loading speed it's better than it was but still slow) from the new posts button.
Opening a thread in the same tab will reliably take me to the first new post (or the beginning of the thread if I haven't visited that thread in a while). Opening a link in a new tab will always drop me at the bottom of the last page, which is annoying as it means going up to look if I'm even on the right page.

Minor second issue: on many posts, the fold-out banner to select a reaction won't properly load - it'll be halfway off the screen. Opening and closing doesn't help. Choosing a reaction (one already made by someone or one of those visible), undoing that and selecting a new one works and it isn't always... I just can't quite tell when it is or isn't.
Using the standard theme, chrome mobile, Huawei p9 lite, nothing special.
So just checking, I'm the only person experiencing this? Or the only one bothered by it? Oh well.
I don't do tabs on mobile, and just suffer through the slowness, so I can't speak to that issue, but I'll do some testing in a moment to see if I can reproduce.

As far as the reaction banner, I get one with arrows so if they don't all fit I can tap an arrow and get to the next set of reactions.

I've got XenMinimal as my theme, and I'm on safari on iOS, though, so it could be quite different depending on how much is going on behind the scenes. I'll test with your theme as well and will report back.
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Well that didn’t go well.

On xenminimal opening new tabs worked correctly, it loaded the page then went to the correct (New) post. Then I switched to zen blue (default) and got post #1 for each new tab thread.

Switching back to xenmminimal it’s now doing the post #1 thing to me.

The only other change is that I didn’t have any new threads to look at, so I unignored the sports sub forum. There may be some weirdness involved in doing this since while they show up as having new posts to me, I’ve used “mark all forums read” since their last post. I suspect that’s what’s causing my issue.

So my suggestion is to try out xenminimal and see if your experience is different.

Also, the ratings ribbon worked fine for me under both themes, so that may be an incompatibility with your mobile browser. Consider trying a different browser or updating yours and seeing if these issues improve.
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I use the default XenBlue, and I don’t tend to open multiple tabs.
That said, threads with unread content show up with their titles in bold, and if bold, tapping the title will usually take me to the first unread post in that thread. If not bold, tapping the title will take me to the first post in the thread. There are times when I tap on a bold title but am still taken to the first post, however then tapping on “go to first unread” (or whatever it says) will take me to where I should’ve been.
There are also times when I accidentally tap on the date just below the thread title, which will then take me to the first post in the thread regardless of whether or not the title is in bold.