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Thank you. :)

As far as costumes go, I won't go too crazy, as I'll be hosting the party I need to be comfy and able to move a lot as I like to entertain. Last party I was a Pimp, which turned out great since most girls... well... get dressed very nicely for the party... so I had plenty of.... umm.... accessories to play out my part. YEAH!

Project B and C are in the works. B will compliment A and C will be for the dinner table. Things are going well on my end and if you're interested, I can copy/paste later on tonight what I got down for my games from my 13 page Halloween Party Word Document.

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I'm definately interested. Yes please. =^^=

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what you end up being. Sounds like you always have a good time.


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(Let it be noted that this is my first official post on the forums! But if there's anything to get me to come out of my shell, it's halloween....I have been lurking/posting in the cosplay thread for over a year now though.)
Woo! Kags is finally posting outside the cosplay thread. Now everyone else gets to find out how awesome you are. :D
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I believe there's a picture of me dressed as a pimp somewhere in the picture thread. I was so pimpish Shegs was all gushy over me for a week.


Let's see... here's "Tempt your Fate"... mind you it's all written by hand and a lot of it is personal notes and several need final touches. I also created a mock Poker Deck cards to hand out to the players of the game so that at the end of the night, a card will be picked out of a hat and the corresponding card will receive a big prize for participation.


Test Your Fate:

I'll ring a bell to get people's attention.

"The Fate's are upon us tonight and they have great fortunes for you to claim! You may choose to TEMPT FATE to see if it is YOUR destiny to be rewarded... BUT BEWARE! If you decide to Tempt Fate it is possible that Fate is NOT kind to you and you will receive a punishment instead which you MUST complete in full! Do not tempt fate unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences that may await you. I expect you to be responsible little monsters and play your part!

I will only play a few wheel turns every hour or so that we have plenty of entertainment all night long.

If you’d like to tempt fate, please step forward and ask the host's permission to SPIN THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE to choose your card. Fate fortunes the bold!"

GOOD FATE - "Your fate is..... GOOD!"

1. Fate always felt that you took it "To the Max". No... Not in the “sexual way” but rather "the other way" (use your fingers for air quotes for added effect). Perhaps you’ll finally be rewarded for all that hard work with this hard earned reward? Enjoy your gift…. and remember… if you win… we split it 50/50!
(Lotto Max Ticket)

2. It’s quite obvious you went through a lot of stress tonight… so why don’t you take a moment and sit down and enjoy your well earned gift?
(10$ Tim Horton’s Gift Card)

3. Congratulations! You and your favorite person (wink to the player) of your choosing will enjoy your lucky fate. Just remember not to waste it on a Twilight movie.
(2 Free Movie Tickets)

4. In life, it is important to make those around you happy. Like an ancient proverb of Tony Soprano, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”
(Scratch Tickets)

5. It’s been a long night, hasn’t it? Why don’t you leave this party with a way to forget about it? Drink your problems away. It worked for Gary Busey... or was that LSD... mmmm....

(Nice Small Liquor Set)

BAD FATE - "Your fate is..... CRUEL!"

1. Perhaps Fate enjoys the classics or perhaps Fate enjoys tormenting you but tonight you'll be gracing us with... a little dance of your own that will finally show us how you really feel about... big butts. Come on X, you cannot lie and you other brothers here cannot deny...
(Start to play "I Like Big Butts" by Sir-Mix-a-Lot & Give Big Fake Ass Prop)

2. Beggars can’t be choosers. Beg the last player (if none, the next player) to play this game to spank you, thrice! And with Gusto! BTW, I like plenty of dirty talk while that is happening! Who's yo' daddy?

3. Sometimes life deals you lemons. Today, this humble and gracious host will hand you something else (Give Butler Bell) Enjoy your gift as you shall be the personal butler of the last lucky player of this game... as they are now LUCKIER! If there hasn’t been one yet then the next lucky player will not only win their prize… but also get a personal butler for the next hour ABSOLUTELY FREE!

4. So cruel in fact that you’ll be performing your very own rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb" for everyone here. Don’t forget to fully express yourself as you sing as I require a Lady Gagesque performance. In fact, I have provided an adequate prop for you... named Buttercup! Make sure to sure it plenty of affliction during your show.

(Give Lyric Card & Peter's Stuffed Sheep & Play Mary Had a Little Lamb.. take goddamn pictures!)

5. Innovation requires experimentation. Congratulations my friend you have been nominated to test out a special concoction for the sake of humanity. (NASTY DRINK - EGGS OF NEWT)

6. Thank you so much for volunteering to be my test subject, I do indeed have a very… interesting “selection” for you to taste tonight. (NASTY FOOD - BRAIN MOLD WITH STUFFING)

7. I’ve been checking you out this evening and I bet you got some hot moves. The next lucky player of this game will now enjoy a lap dance. Or if there has already been one, they are now even luckier! (pick the player) Show me what you got!

GUY ON GUY = Can I touch you there - Michael Bolton
GUY ON GIRL = Sexy and I know it - LMFAO
GIRL ON GIRL = Britney Spears - Hit me baby :)D)

GIRL ON GUY = Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

8. Were you nervous before I read the result of your fate? I sure would have been, look at what happened to X (name another party guest who had a very bad fate tonight). Sadly, you too shall experience an equally terrible fate....(pause for effect).... Fate has heard you love those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Why don’t you don this little outfit and grace us for your best Captain Jack Sparrow impression for the next hour? (GIVE PIRATE PROPS & Jack Sparrow Cue Cards)

9. Awwww don't cry, sometimes life sucks... fate feels you need to be more joyful and what better way than to perform a little dance for us, the kind of dance that will put a smile on the face of everyone in this room. No more sucking and crying for you! (Play Jordy - Dur Dur D'etre Bebe + Baby Outfit)

10.You’ve been bitten by a zombie and have turned to one. You can now look forward to shuffling your feed around, wondering where your next meal is, flesh eating deceases, being a star on Dead Walking… at least for the next hour! (FIND PROPS FOR THIS)

11.You've been bitten by a Werewolf! You now have grown fur in the most unusual of places, you fear silver objects, you despise Vampires, you take off your shirt for no reason and right now have the irresistible urge to get on all fours and HOWL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

12.TWO BAD FATES. When the 2nd one is called, they are called up to dance, the Flamenco, one will be given a fate rose to put in their teeth. (PLAY Flamenco MUSIC + GIVE ROSE PROP)

13.Misery loves company. Last year, Peter had to endure the Macarena, Dan had to be serenaded by V for Vendetta and Jason had to endure the “TV show” Bachelor’s Pad… how can things get any worse? (Play Y.M.C.A.) Did I mention that this song lasts for 10 minutes?

14.Give me an F! Give me an A! Give me an I! Give me a L! What does it spell? FAIL! Now you did it, your bad fate has ruined my party! However, Fate has given you a chance to redeem yourself, take these and give me your best Cheer!
(Give Pom Poms)


1. Fate is…. undecided…. Who says chivalry is dead? Show them how it’s done… and go serenade the last person who played this game (if this happens to be the first card, the next player). If you sing to the satisfaction of the guest you "could" win a prize!
(Play HELLO – Lionel Richie)

2. Fate is…. undecided…. You have the look of... a superstar. The kind that will fly high and score points for the home team and propel the fans to their feet. You have the aura of being... a clutch player to show up where it counts... Let's see if this holds true. (Give little Basketball) You'll be given the opportunity to throw 3 Shots... get all of them in, you'll get a GREAT PRIZE! If you don't get ANY in... you'll have the worst fate of them all tonight....
If they fail....

3. Fate is…. undecided…. Do an interpretive hula dance - for 3 minutes. If you don't perform this feat well to a great cheer from the crowd… you get to taste some of that NASTY FOOD!
(Play Pony - Ginuwine)

4. Fate is…. undecided…. Fate loves them playahs…. Are you a playah? If you can seduce the person to your right you can earn yourself a very nice prize but only if you can only manage to steal a few hugs and kisses from them... if not... a cruel fate shall await you..
(Play "I Love You Like a Love Song" - Selena Gomez while this goes on)

If they fail....

(Say a Poem to a Stranger you don't know while being uncomfortably close to them - like 1 foot)

If time could stand still, I’d freeze it here,
So you’d always hold me, close and near.
In your arms, where I’m meant to be,
Filled with the perfect love you’ve given me.

A bond so strong, a hold so tight,
To know you’re the one; my ‘Mr. Right’.
A blessing sent from up above,
In you I’ve found my one true love.

Our lives entwined to be as one,
Upon this journey we’ve just begun.
Where you and I will find no less,
Than eternal love and happiness.

5. Fate is…. undecided…. Get everyone’s attention and lead a sing along to the Adam’s Family theme song. If you perform this feat well, you get a prize, if you do not… you get to taste some of that NASTY FOOD.
(Play "Addams Family Theme Song")
(Cheap Halloween DVD)

Cards of Uncertainty:

Every Tempt your Fate envelope also provides a special Halloween card. At the end of the night, we'll draw a winner for a Grand Prize!

(ZOMBIE PACK! 28 days later, 28 weeks later and World War Z Hardcover book)
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Wow, you must've been one hot pimp to get Shego ;), haha!

Ah, yay! Thank you so much! I'm excited to get going on this.
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Hey, shego gave you that finger as a trophy - not to be used as some macabre prop in your evil machinations. Further, she only implied that it once belonged to a pimp. I don't think there's conclusive evidence either way.


As the forumites who are my FB friends might remember my family left our christmas tree up this year so we could decorate it for each holiday as it comes. I just put the decoration on the halloween tree and it is super cute! I'll take a pic tomorrow when it is lighter in here. I forgot my good camera. I love halloween!
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No rum? or Crown? Or Jack?

Son, I am disappoint.

Seriously though, that looks like a nice selection... with a definite preference indicated... *grins*
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Hehe... the Party Punch and Shots are going to be very... Tequila-ish this year. Last year I had 3 bottles of rum, black vodka and a huge bottle of jack daniels that didn't last the night. I wanted a change of pace this year.

It's a BYOB/BYOD... and people leave my house in taxis or sleep over when the night is said and done.
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Oooh yeaaa!
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For those thinking of watching a movie on Halloween, go pick up Trick 'r Treat. It's a horror film that really has the feel of Halloween to it (i.e., scares with a sense of fun to the proceedings).
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If it's Halloween and you're NOT watching Army of Darkness, you're doing it wrong.
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And the next day we'll hit... La Banquise my friend.

(google it)

I might have to have the Poutine Dan Dan, based solely on the fact that it's my name, twice. Also, pepperoni + bacon? Yes, please!
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For those thinking of watching a movie on Halloween, go pick up Trick 'r Treat. It's a horror film that really has the feel of Halloween to it (i.e., scares with a sense of fun to the proceedings).
I actually got that last year and meant to watch it... I guess I need to look now.


I recently discovered Malibu and that would be the drink of choice at any party I had.

in the form of bahama mamas.
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Malibu is bottled at least in the my hometown in southern ontario, not quite the island life they depict in the commercials.


I get it for the taste not the image. I actually had to go look up the name of it I just called it coconut rum. crum.
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Never actually tried it myself, I've just always found that bit of info interesting. Although I suppose I shouldn't expect much, if any, truth from the mouths those in advertising.

In more related news, I've decided to attempt making the prawn arm after all for a party. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. So far I've just been gathering reference shots as well as tutorials on forming and casting moulds.
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It seems I won't be on the hunt and barhopping solo this Halloween. Things continue well with "comic book cutie" so far and it looks like she's going to be my date for the evening's debachery on Oct 31st.

Still not 100% set on what the plan is, but there's a good chance of pics.


Oh yeah - forgot. I dropped off the forums so long, I forgot to mention to people that I've gotten married since I regularly posted last - the day before Halloween. First anniversary is coming up this year. At least I'll never forget our anniversary, heh.
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Got most of my son's costume put together now. Hat, tunic, belt, pants, undershirt, boots are all set. I have the cardboard and foam to give a sword and shield a try, and we bought a generic sword and shield at the dollar store in case my attempt doesn't pan out.

He's pretty excited, though, was wearing the costume all afternoon. :)
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Started working on Project B and C. Decorations are set to be put up this weekend. Pictures to follow.

90% of the people invited to my Halloween party have confirmed the rest are generally waiting on babysitter availability. This is going to rock!
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I can't wait until I have a house and can decorate and throw Halloween parties....

Seriously, people around Oakville/ Mississauga don't even decorate. It saddens me. Halloween has ALWAYS been my favourite time of year.

For this year, my plans are confirmed; going to the Steam Whistle Brewery Halloween party.
Still no idea on the costume front though. Going inspiration shopping on Saturday. Just looking at stuff in Value Village and in some arts stores and stuff, seeing if any of it gives me some ideas, or if I can piece together a quick way to put together one of the three potential costumes I've got in my head right now.

I'm also getting myself pumped for the Toronto Zombie Walk, which is next Saturday. Just taking stock of my zombie kit tonight, to see what materials I still need to acquire.
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Serious progress done Project B and C . Waiting on my last coat of paint on the Burning Coals to be dry before I move on with project B. Both should be done by the weekend (I'll try to get pics up).

Weekend will be busy, we'll be decorating the house, putting up the tapestries on the walls.. etc.
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Got myself my costume... Master Chef.... with a 'stash... I'll be sporting a terrible French accent all night long....


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Project B - Code Named "Chaudron de Sorciere"

Firstly, you'll need to get your hands on a relatively large cauldron. I already had this one for years but I've seen them as low as $10. If you already have one for some time, it may be due for some cleaning. (we used to use this one for last year's punch bowl - this year we got a smaller one... well smaller ones.... heh heh)





I bought two strings of green lights at Home Depot for $2.99 each, sadly green isn't a popular Halloween color at the 1$ store. Always make sure to test them out.


Next step requires me to use my drill to puncture 3 holes around and just under the rim of the cauldron so that I can pass a fish line wire between them.



Next step is very simple... taking a break and eating some warm apple pie made by my lovely wife-to-be.


Once the entire pie has been ravaged you move on and place a transparent plexiglass over the fishing wire so that it'll cover the opening of the cauldron except 1 inch on the sides where the smoke exits will be limited.


The next part requires a bit of effort, you'll need to puncture a hole in the back of the cauldron so that you can place a cylinder inside of it and allow an exit for the electric wire. This depends entirely of your "fog maker". Mine was 4 inches wife, 1/2 inch tall but I've seen fog exits to be various sizes. I was lucky to have some junk in the garage that I could use as the bridge between the cauldron and the fog maker.



After a bit of leveling fixing, the "smoke" will glide easily into the cauldron and float eerily upwards. Once my main room has been prepared for the party, I'll fix the wires, levels, etc... to make it even more awesome.

I turn on the fog maker, wait a few minutes, then dim the lights... this is what it looks like... along with Project A.



The lighting from the digital camera doesn't do it justice. Still going to keep working on it once the room is setup this weekend.
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