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Will Chief ultimately survive this encounter?

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  • No, Chief will not survive

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Ok, so the new update should be up tomorrow, but I still want to see what people think before we find out if Chief is going to live or die.

It really looks like he's going to die here. He's clearly outmatched, and there's no reason why he should be able to win that I've seen. His death would be powerful in that he overcame his cowardice to save his people.

On the other hand though, it wouldn't be the first time Thunt has pulled a character out from the brink of death at the last minute. There's a number of ways Chief -could- live through this, but all of them would be incredibly convenient. Again though, it wouldn't really be the first time.
I think he's still waiting for his wife to color them in. She's been really sick lately, which is also why Tuesday's update was postponed until tomorrow.


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I admit, I'm really hoping for Chief to live. Granted, it would be a truly remarkable death: a once-cowardly chief stands up to an implacable, unbeatable paladin, knowing he'll end up dead but also knowing he'll buy time for his kin to make a run for it. That being said, I think there's still potential in Chief for character development, so I hope Thunt will keep him alive, even by the skin of his teeth.

Also, a party without a primary healer is in serious trouble.
I think Chief will live, simply because it would suck so very very much for him to die.

My guess is that the other goblins will turn back and help Chief. They won't be able to beat Kore, but they'll manage to escape.

Also, does anyone feel like the prophecy about Forgath's death is close to coming true? All the pieces are coming into play: the serpent (Kin), friends becoming enemies (Minmax) and love fueling hate (Kin and Minmax are getting rather doe-eyed about each other).
Yeah it was pretty much hopeless from the beginning but i do hope that he can make it even if it removes some of Kore's intractable and completionist nature.
Can he heal himself while in the negative? Maybe if he stabilizes? I forget the rules.
No once you're in the negatives you are knocked unconscious. The joke in Goblins is that nobody ever shuts up when they are in negatives so they are just paralyzed. So he can stabilize and then heal up naturally till he gets to 0 and then heal up magically.
Why hasnt Kore lost his paladin powers for that??? 0_o
There is a prestige class called Grey Guard that allows paladins to torture without losing their status.

Of course considering everything else that Kore has done and the fact that when he lays on hands it apprently damns souls to an eternity of torture it's pretty obvious that he isn't keeping his powers through a prestige class.

It all adds to the mystery of Kore and continues to make him a hated opponent.


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I don't think Kore using Lay on Hands on you condemns your soul. I think that's just... the... ummm... the whatchamacallit color thingie? ... the one that magic items get depending on who's using them? The same glow you can see highlighting Ears's armor when Chief cast Bull's Strength on him.

I think the heads are somehow connected to the people Kore has killed. I think I recognize Hawl from there, and maybe his adopted dwarven son. But whether that means Kore actually enslaves their souls or if it's just part of his glow, I dunno. Not enough data.
So I'm wondering if Kore is cursed to do this stuff, or if like he's just some player that doesn't play by certain rules like MinMax and how he'll trade weird stuff for bonuses.

Like he is a paladin because he likes to solo with them but he just said "fuck the alignments, I'm going to be an asshole"

Reguardless I don't know if the GAP will turn back for chief or not.


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There's a part of me that hopes that the screams are not made by Chief... but by Kore.

Think about. Chief's at a point-blank range, he's got his spear within arm's reach, Kore is clearly thinking he has the upper hand and is focused on cutting the goblin's leg off... and doesn't react in time if Chief thrusts his spear at, say, that eye-slit.

I'm just sayin'...


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Argh! Damn you people! I was up way too late last night reading the Goblins archives. Why must you talk about cool stuff that I wasn't already a fan of?
This shit?

This shit right here?

This shit that you are witness to right here?

This shit just got real
On the one hand, GO VORPAL!

On the other hand, I'm reminded of Leroy Jenkins.