[NHL] 2020-2021 NHL Season

Over 6 periods of play, the bottom D pair for Edmonton tallied 24 minutes combined.

The 2nd D pair combined for 66.

The top pair for 100.

Most defensemen average 18 to 28 minutes each per 3 periods.
Win or lose for any team, I get steamed if a playoff OT ends quickly. If I give you a full intermission you better give me at least 5 minutes, this ain't the regular season.
In other news, There's a scandal brewing at Robert Morris University regarding their decision to drop Men's and Women's hockey. Apparently this decision was made without the consent of the board, and one member, Kevin Colbert, GM of the Steelers, has resigned as a result.

Fun fact: the Tampa Bay Lightning now have more Stanley Cups than the Maple Leafs have won in the last 55 years.
Stars trades their most promising young player today, Jason Dickinson, just so they would get something for him instead of repeating the Eakins loss to Vegas.
Tempe. Arizona Coyotes. Arena.

Arizona Coyotes in talks with Tempe on new arena, signaling possible move to East Valley

Paulina Pineda, Arizona Republic

The Arizona Coyotes are in talks with Tempe to relocate the hockey franchise from Glendale to the East Valley, according to sources close to the city.

Tempe issued a request for proposal Thursday to attract a professional sports franchise and a developer that will build an arena and entertainment center on a narrow strip of city-owned land near Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway.

The land, on the southern banks of the dry Salt River just west of Tempe Town Lake, currently houses the city’s public works and compost yard. The land is viewed as prime real estate in the center of metro Phoenix but would require environmental remediation.

The Coyotes — owned by billionaire Alex Meruelo since 2019 — confirmed that the team will submit a proposal to develop the land.

The Coyotes said in a statement that the team is “highly interested” in the opportunity because of the site’s location....
Location on Google Maps

It would mean NHL hockey less than 30 minutes away from my house :D:eek::D:eek::D
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