[NHL] 2020-2021 NHL Season

Puck drops tonight in:

Philadelphia vs Pittsburg (5:30 EST)
Toronto vs Montreal ( 7:00 EST)
Tampa Bay vs Chicago (8:00 EST)
Edmonton vs Vancouver (10:00 EST)
Colorado vs St. Louis (10:30 EST)

I for one am looking forward to all of it.
Covid has pretty much killed my interest. I don't know who won the cup last year or the draft picks. I've just stopped caring about pro sports.
Tampa Bay. Alex Lafreniere, who is now a Ranger. I'm not as into it, either, but then again I live in Arizona.
I wrote that then had to google it. I think I watched 10 total minutes of the juniors, and still think it should have been cancelled.
I know they're not your guys, @jwhouk, but still your backyard...

HoustonAeros and AerosHockey domains are up for sale... for several thousand dollars each.
In case anyone wonders how the Wings are this year, we just gave Chicago center Pius Suter his first career goal today.

and his second.

and his third.
3 day weekend. I had all my chores done. House was nice and clean. Dinner was served early and the dishes done.

So I decided I could relax and watch the hockey game.

I just... am not getting into it this year. The team being dead last in their division doesn't help. And the Yotes are a bigger laughingstock than the Browns or Mets ever were - and they're more likely to win a championship in my lifetime than the Yotes.