[NFL] NFL Thread

I get that the NFL was in a tough spot and I think this is about as good as they could've done given how important that game was, but this hurts my brain a bit.

In both of the fantasy football leagues that I commish I've decided that I'm not waiting on the NFL to decide. I'm taking the 1st & 2nd place money and pooling it, then split it between the two. I have one guy in each league that agrees and one that hasn't answered.
I ended up getting screwed out of a championship because the game ended. So what we did was just take the eight players who were playing for the four "playoff games" (Championship and three consolation games), plus two "free agent" adds for the two teams that didn't have a player in the game. Teams will get the points for those players, plus what they got last week.
You're kidding the Vikings who every one said were frauds all year ended up being fraudulent? Get right the eff out of here