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Nah, it's a nice tat but after being absent over a year I actually wanted an explanation on how you looked so different. You looked a lot more happy.

And attractive.

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Ohhhh! Haha, thanks. :heart:
Ummm, well. I’ve had a hell of a year - I moved, finalized my divorce, got a new job, made new friends, live a different life. I think I’m happier because now I feel like I can be more myself. I’m away from my family who makes me feel misunderstood and unappreciated. I live by myself which I love, I’ve been painting/writing/sewing more because of that. It’s been a lot of changes that have ultimately lead to me being happier. :)

And I think she looks more healthy. But maybe that's the happiness showing through.
Thanks Dave. :heart: :heart:
Happy New Year!! I spent my new years eve in deep discussion, with one of my absolute best friends, doing mock battles between LOTR and Game of Thrones characters. It was wonderful. I love him so much. :heart:

Also I wore my Appa onesie. And I feel like maybe 2019 won’t be so bad.

Should this go in a different thread?? I dunno. 3E105FA8-1A07-4212-9AC4-61BCED6651BB.jpeg
So who would win in a swordfight, Jaime Lannister or Aragorn?

He’s had more years of training/battles and we concluded his skills and experience would over power Jaime in the end, but it would be a good fight and they’re pretty evenly matched.

We also think Andúril is more powerful than Oathkeeper so that’s a factor.

But yes, that is a pair we talked about. Haha!
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Finished my tattoo up a little bit ago and it’s all finally healed.

God. I’m so damn happy. It’s absolutely stunning and there’s so much I love about it. I can’t wait to go back to the same artist and get my fox tattoo down the road. For now though, I’m going to enjoy not having to intensely take care of a tattoo for a while. No more peeling or itching or cleaning! YESSSS, praise!21DD4920-01DB-4AAC-B9FB-C9032EB4C58D.jpegA12F140A-2815-443F-B4F4-0C22442B65EA.jpegE5F9448E-4F55-4400-AC2B-70D736F81EF8.jpeg
She'll be 6 in August. Time goes by fast. Thanks for asking.

How you doing Emrys? Health ok? Hope all is well.
Six?! But she was just a baby last week!

She's such a lovely little lady and that smile just jumps out of the picture. Thank you for sharing.

I'm doing well, cher. I hope you and your family are doing the same. Bonne nuit.