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Several years ago, I decided I had zero interest in going to my graduation. None of my family would be present, it's a huge university, and I had pretty much zero interest in sitting around in a set of wizard robes in the heat (and/or rain). My mother-in-law decided she wanted pictures of me dressed in academic regalia, and I agreed on the condition that I get to take a bunch of pictures of me acting like a wizard (since doctoral robes are goofy as all get-out):

Our cat does the same sort of thing, will just savagely groom your chin UNLESS you have a beard. Then it's a lick and "...ehhh, I'm good."

You... blew up your earning potential? Because reducto is a blasting spell.
I have actually heard something like this, when I was in school. I was an education major, & while I was at UK the department made a shift to a 5-year program where you graduated with a Masters. Made sense, since in the state of KY st least, in order to teach you have to have received your Masters within 10 years of your Bachelors. However, potential employers, when presented with 2 candidates fresh out of school with no actual teaching experience, will actually hire the candidate with just the Bachelors degree. Why? They don't have to pay as much to the lesser qualified candidate. So in essence, by making yourself more qualified, you're also making yourself less hireable.

Granted, you stand to make more in the more specialized jobs, but again, those are not as common & potentially have more quality competition.


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It's certainly true of a geoscience PhD. You are better off stopping at a masters if you want to go into the oil industry. You get out of school faster, have more opportunities, and don't get stuffed into a promotion-free R&D track. Unless that's what you want. Money isn't everything.
I was unable to quote people on mobile earlier today.
That was my problem, too.
I would quote someone.
During the edit process, the quote would not be there, but I would type in all my text.
After pressing "Post Reply," the post would suddenly have the quote back in it, but all my text would be gone.
Also I was unable to upload pictures via mobile.

I was able to work around these issues by switching to the BBCode editor, but of course that's not as fun to work with.



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Blah. I tried editing that post like 4 times on my phone, and the edits never took. I pushed "Save Changes", and it would act correctly, but the changes weren't saved.

I was trying to post that I was running the rear speaker wires in my living room. I got a route across. Had to pull the light cans as you can see and the ceiling fan, which fortunately had an old work box (the kind you twist out against the joists, so I was able to get a drill with a big spade bit on it up into the ceiling fan hole for the one cross brace. I ran some RG6 for the subwoofer, and left a fish string in place while I wait for my in-wall certified speaker wire. Normally, I'd just run the regular stuff, but this is a nice house, and I'd prefer not to burn it down. In all I only had to cut a scant few access holes. Better now when the leftover paint will still match perfectly than later.