New Picture Thread

Sometimes you can cry so hard that the colors pour out of your eyes and you walk around seeing in black and white for a day or two.

My friend Suzanne continues to take all the best photos of me. I will never again have another good picture of myself now that she's moved to another city. Anyway, here's two shots of me from the last time we went to a bar before she left (spoilered for size):

I can't say precisely what I like about this next photo, but I like it.


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Got another promotion and a raise this past week, and I went and got myself a new (used) truck! Booyah!! This has been a hell of an awesome year for Shannow!

My greatgrandmother turned 95 this saturday. 95, I tell you!!
She's an amazing, beautiful woman full of life and energy!

Here she is hitting the piñata :)
(Normal 90 year old mexican grandmas don't really hit piñatas anymore :p lol)

My little sis and me ♥
I'm so stupidly in love with my sister it's ridiculous, everytime I see her I feel the power of the beauty of a thousand Nicole Kidmans flow through my eyes...

That's about what I say, when folks say that about her. I really hope she starts taking after her mother more when she gets older... otherwise, I'll feel rather sorry for her that my phenotype shows through so strongly...
I have to post this picture because it is from the first time we went dress shopping. I was so afraid resembling a giant snow beast or a WAMPA with its arm cut off. You know those dresses that look like someone just tied a white bed comforter up and glued some feathers onto it? Yeah, that's what I terrified of looking like. Instead, I tried on this, which I didn't even pick, and felt pretty pretty. I did a little dance (see picture 2). Le blush!

:D Finally feeling like a bride!
Not really a new picture per se, but I thought I should show that I'm not blowing smoke about what I'm doing in school.

So, here's my fat ass presenting my last experimental research project.
So I can't read the board, but it looks like it proves that whoever is louder wins the argument...
If you're genuinely interested, it shows that having the validity of an initial source of information called into question reduces your confidence in your own thoughts and makes you more susceptible to persuasion in regards to the original topic.

p<.05 confidence, y'all!