Need help with a label

So I am making 30 bottles of Mango-Habanero hot sauce which we will sell on a christmas market for charity.
I have no artistic skill and was hoping someone would throw together something I could print on paper. Should be around 5cm(width)x10cm(high).

Maybe something with an chili and an mango?

Would really appreciate it.


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Has anyone reached out? I mean, I have no ability in this matter, but I'm sure SOMEBODY here can help.


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Mango Habanero Label Prototype.png

This is just a rough mock-up. I can make any changes you want, and make the final a much higher resolution if you like it.
I love your take @drifter, but since most of the people that will attend this Christmas market are from a magazine that's akin to Buzzfeed you are asking for me to
be crucified by the PC police.

@figmentPez If you could add maybe a flame (I know, its cliche) behind the fruits and use Helvetica (its my favorite font) for the text, I would be incredibly grateful.

Oh, and could you would leave the background white,please?

I will post pictures of the process. :)


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Wait, Halforumites who know anything about printing, how high of a resolution should I export this at? This is ~300 DPI for 5 x 10cm, but the sky is the limit for how high I can go (it's all vector graphics in Inkscape.)
If I saw this earlier I'd have piped up. I have some experience doing labels at my old job and quite a bit now doing labels for my wife's shop. 300dpi should be just fine if you're saving as a non compressed or high PNG or pdf.

Depending on the print shop, if you made the label with vector, keep it vector and send them a nice, clean .SVG so you'll have no problem with resizing at all.

Oh, also, because it's for print its a good idea to do it in CMYK, not RGB. This is a step I forgot to do a lot at my old job and sometimes colours didn't always turn out great.
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Here is my recipe:

4 Cans of mango puree (almost 3,5l in volume) or use fresh if available.
20 habaneros (remove seeds if you want a more mellow heat)
a looot of garlic. I used around 25 cloves.
2 large onions
10 tbls honey
4 tbls gingerpowder
4 tbls cumin
4 tbls piment
3 lemons
2 cups of apple cider vinegar
salt to taste

trow garlic, habaneros and onions into a food processor, blend into paste. if you are using fresh mangos throw them in too.
throw all ingredients into a pot and a simmer at low temp till the mix arrives at 70°C (158 in freedom units).

Use a ph strip to check that the sauce is at around 3,5 acidity and fill into clean bottles. I threw mine into simmering water to kill all remining bacteria
then filled em with the hotsauce. then put the bottles with the cap side down into the simmering water for around 3 minutes to make it shelf stable.