My new CD

So, a bit of backstory about my CD on Amazon.

My old band, Paddy Gone Wild, has a CD on Amazon, but I don't get any money from it any more. So, years ago, I made a compilation album from tunes I'd played on the CD, and put it on Amazon as "Gregory Mahan and Friends" via Createspace.

I hadn't signed any copyright or royalty agreements with the band, so this is all legit. Due to the way copyright law works, if it's a compilation work, and there's no other agreement:
Authors own the work jointly and equally, unless the authors make an agreement otherwise. Each joint author has the right to exercise any or all of the exclusive rights inherent in the joint work.
So, PGW can continue to sell their CD and keep the dough. I can sell any tune from that CD that I played on, because I'm a contributing author.

Fast forward to 2014: Createspace gets out of the CD/MP3 business and takes down my CD. No biggie. I only earned a tiny bit of cash from it every year, and I didn't miss it.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago: The fact that I sold a couple of CD's on omegle, but didn't get any cash for them, makes me reconsider having my own CD up somewhere for sale. A quick web search tells me that CD Baby is probably a good route to go. I already had all the tunes, and it was easy to make some album art from one of my Ireland honeymoon pictures.


This new CD has more tunes than the original "Gregory Mahan and Friends", since I was able to add a couple of solo tunes, as well as some tunes from my Houston band, Echoes of Ireland. I set the title to "electronic only" because really, who buys physical cds these days?

So, just in case someone was interested. :D

It should show up on iTunes, Amazon, etc eventually once it goes through the vetting process.
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...and you've already proven the success of your custom marketing program.

Will it show up as part of the library for any streaming services like Amazon Music?
CDBaby does distribute to streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Their full list is here:

You're allowed to pick and choose which digital partners you send to, because some streaming sites pay less than others. And they all pay less than mp3 sales. But I chose them all just the same.
No physical version? Hey, I own a physical copy of the PGW CD! I might buy this one too!
No physical version? Hey, I own a physical copy of the PGW CD! I might buy this one too!
I've only ever sold a handful of the physical version. Didn't really see the point of going through the effort.

Right now I'm fighting their automated system trying to get the cd into digital distribution. Their system said something about my artwork not matching the album title. Which, it clearly does.