MS FoxPro 7

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I have software I use for my job that was based on the above. At some point, we're going to need to move my program to a newer computer/OS (XP atm). One of the managers went and 'cleaned out' a closet, where we had a lot of stuff that DID need to be thrown, and tossed it out instead asking if anything needed to be saved.

The closest thing that looks promising is for abandonware, but before I start going that route I figured I'd check in here first.

Thanks for any input.
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I feel rather sorry for you to have to deal with FoxPro 7 - as the last version of FoxPro (which was 9) was released in 2004 and last patched in 2007. FoxPro 7 was released in 2001, per Wikipedia.

Are you looking for the installer for it or something to try to put it in the newer OS?

If you can't find it, however, you might be able to try to P2V your current computer and put it into a VM, provided you have the proper OS licensing that would allow for that.


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I don't have a line on Foxpro, closest I might be able to finagle up is a copy of a program that converts foxpro to mysql.
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I can get the software I use to run with just the runtime library. I use the full Foxpro just for editing my printing templates.
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Unless I’m reading it wrong, that first link in my last message leads to an .ISO of the full product, and the picture includes an activation key. Is this not what you were looking for?