[Announcement] Monthly Jackbox Game Nights!

Which Jackbox Game should we play in January? (Top 2)

  • Bracketeering

  • Quiplash

  • Monster Seeking Monster

  • Drawful

  • Survive the Internet

  • Trivia Murder Party

  • Tee K.O.

  • Civic Doodle

  • Fibbage

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Tentatively scheduling the next Jackbox night for December 8th. I am willing to move it to another day in that same weekend if people need, just leave input below.
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Iffy. I'm supposed to be in the city that day. I'll know closer to the date what time I'll be back home.


Staff member
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I rarely know my schedule in advance, but at the same time I'm mostly free because very little happens in my life. If I remember and feel up to it, I'll be there.
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Reminder that this is on Saturday! We've had 1 request for Quiplash, which works better the more people we have, so please come!
1,642 304 4
I realized I didn't put a time, so right now I'm planning for 8:30pm EST.
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I will probably not show up until just before everyone goes to bed but who knows.