[Music] Metal Thread

A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel? And in the end, I think it must be about faith, and if faith is a choice, then it can be lost - for a man, an angel, or the devil himself.
Been on a real Royal Hunt kick lately. They're a Danish band, a keyboard-heavy, really melodic, proggy power metal act. Check it out:

Discovered them in University nearly 20 years ago now with the above album, then another one, Moving Target, and then never explored further. NO idea why. I loved them both. Started remedying that. :)
The song is called "Sick Like Me," by In This Moment.

The dancer, however, is Diana Bastet. She is a heavy metal belly dancer. Now there's four words you might not have thought you'd find hanging out together in public. If the thumbnail isn't enough of a clue, it's the sort of video you might not want to watch while at work, though it's debatable whether it's riskier than the band's official video for the song.

Here is a link to an (unfortunately very ad-heavy) interview with her.

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One of Sam Dunn's documentaries (I think it was Global Metal) featured a heavy metal belly dancer, I think in one of the bonus features. Might have been her.