[MLB] Manfred's 30-man Band (MLB Thread!)

You don't know HOW much I breathed a sigh of relief that it was the [insert expletive here] Cardinals who got sick.

Tell them to GTFO of Miller Park, fumigate the visitor's dugout, clubhouse, and bullpen, and move on to the next victims.
Okay, a doubleheader did happen on Sunday, but not in Wisconsin.

The first seven-inning doubleheader happened at Comerica Park in Detroyit, with the Reds sweeping the bill, 4-3 and 4-0. Trevor Bauer threw a two-hit shutout with seven K's in the second game.
Blame Terry Crisp. :p

Another interesting thing that happened in the first game: Tyler Alexander of the Tigers struck out the first nine batters he faced in relief of starter Rony Garcia - which is a new Major League record.


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Nobody talking about how the Padres hit a Grand Slam home run yesterday? For the fourth game in a row? Never been done before. Amazing.

They are calling them "Slam Diego".
@Squidleybits - the Athletics have placed several large teddy bears in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum to fill in where they don't have "fan photo signs" or "former player signs" in the seats.

According to MLB.com, and confirmed by A's President Dave Kaval, the bear will get to keep the foul ball.

EDIT: By the way, @DarkAudit - that was Starling Marte who hit the ball bearly foul.
TIR (Today I Realized) that if the extra inning rules were in place back in 1975, Fisk's homer would have probably only tied the game, as Rick Wise surrendered back-to-back singles after getting Bench to pop out to Fisk to lead off the inning. Morgan, who would have been the Runner On Second, would have easily scored to put the Reds up 7-6.

...But then I realize that Yaz would have been on second when Fisk hit his homer, so the final would have been 8-7 Sox.