[MLB] Manfred's 30-man Band (MLB Thread!)

Our semi-decade-long reminder that these two sides don't trust each other, and will kill the game out of spite because of it.
To me, baseball is the most cut-and-dry. Unlike the other sports their CBA doesn't agree to split the revenue in a very specific way. If Mike Trout signed a contract for $30 million, that's what he should get. I don't see why the players are responsible for the owners having a bad year of attendance. If Mike Trout brings in $80 million in revenue to the Angels, he doesn't get a portion of that extra 50 million.
So. Any bets on the unilateral nature of the season Manfred's going to impose on the PA?

48? 54? 78?
So which 6 owners would be against having a 2020 season?

Bill DeWitt and Tom Ricketts have been two of the ones listed; I vaguely recall Reinsdorf being anti-union.

Anyone else?
The 85031 ZIP Code in Arizona reported 116 cases as of June 1.

The most recent report puts it at 366.

This is significant in that, right in the middle of the 85031 ZIP code, is American Family Fields of Phoenix.
Sorry, didn't see; Twitter feeds haven't been showing up right away in my feeds on here at times.

So - That's it for a 2020 season, hey?
Hmm. Probably explains why you did the same thing when I posted the Phillies tweet.

And yeah. The season is probably a write-off now. at least there's the NPB. They started their season on Friday. Who ya got?

(Who promptly lost 2 of 3 to the Hiroshima Carp to kick things off.)
It's not gonna be a question of if we can get through 60 games, it'll be a minor miracle if we can get through six.
You think I would root for the Reds????

They’re my fourth least favorite team.
You think I would root for the Reds????

They’re my fourth least favorite team.
The Giants and Tigers are basically the Yankees and Red Sox of NPB (or Giants and Dodgers if you wanna stay NL). Too big market for me.
I take back my previous statement. I forgot about the Chiba Lotte Marines.

First, their "M" is practically a carbon copy of the Barley-Stalk M the Crew just replaced.

Second, they were formerly known as the Lotte Orions, which had one of the coolest cap logos I've ever seen (and I have yet to see it for sale anywhere).
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Yeah, we went 5-8 against them on the year, but they were playing for their lives. And, if there'd have been a division round, who knows?