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Looking for a Star Wars themed prop?

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My friends at Redlamp Arts are doing a Kickstarter to get their new and improved Thermal Detonator prop out to the public. Rachel has been making previous versions for years and has always been swamped with orders, which is what led to the simpler, DIY redesign. These things have been a huge hit with the Star Wars cosplay/costumer community for years and this is basically the first time she's been able to get a large number of them out to the community at large.

Rewards right now are...

- Foil Stickers, featuring a custom design
- Cold cast aluminum detonator key chains (30mm diameter)
- T-shirts (by Preston). Two designs available. Sizes for adults are S-4XL and child sizes are XS-XL.
- DIY assembly version of the thermal detonator
- Fully assembled, hand polished version of the detonator, which comes complete with lights and sound effects, triggered by pulling back on the handle.

You can add extra shirts or detonators if you'd like, just mention it to her.

She's only aiming at 5k right now, but she does have stretch goals in the works, including adding in ring stands for the dets (for those who just want to display them on their shelves). So go and help her out.
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These look awesome... I'm pretty sure I've seen her thermal detonator work before on therpf.com (she does excellent stuff from what I've seen). I definitely want one and will be following the kickstarter.
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These look awesome... I'm pretty sure I've seen her thermal detonator work before on therpf.com (she does excellent stuff from what I've seen). I definitely want one and will be following the kickstarter.
She used to costume as Darth Revan many years ago, but she had to sell that costume a few years back. But yeah, she does great stuff. She has a website, but most of her stuff ends up on her twitter and her deviant art page.
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Just a heads up. My friends have raised over 10,000 dollars so far and they are in the home stretch. If you are at all interested in getting one of these amazing negotiating devices, you have a little over 48 hours to pledge. This is likely the last time she will be making these, so pledge now if you want one.

As an aside, here are the current bonuses in play:

- If you pledge more than $5, you get an extra sticker.
- If you pledge more than $25, you are getting the Challenge Coin. It's design has not been finalized, so I can't put up a picture.
- If you pledge more than $50, you will be getting a key chain. If your already getting one, you get another one on top of that.
- All pledges that are getting an actual detonator (so any pledge $50 or more) are getting a ring stand to display it with. They will also upgrade your ring stand from the normal plastic one to a glossy gold plated steel version for an extra $7 per a stand.

To everyone who's pledged, thanks a lot. It really means a lot to my friend and I. To everyone who has helped spread the word, you get a double thanks. She never could have done this well without your help.
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"George Lucas gonna sue somebody..."
You'd think so, but no... it's designed for the fan community and Lucas has been notoriously lenient with fans making/selling things to be used in costuming. As long as you don't advertise it as official, they are generally okay with it. It's handled sort of like fan fiction.
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Thanks to everyone who supported my friend's kickstarter. She raised over $12,000 and shipped more than 130 detonators thanks to your support! Emboldened by the success of her last project, she's decided to do another. As always, I appreciate any help you guys can give getting the word out!

Hide your Padawans! Introducing the Darkside Holocron!

Thanks for checking out my Kickstarter! My name is Rachel, I'm a designer, and I recently completed a successful collaboration campaign with my friend and fellow artist Preston (found here: Thermal Detonator). That campaign was educational, to say the least, and now I'm moving onward armed with the information and techniques to make this Kickstarter project even better. My goal is to create and provide beautifully sculpted props to the costuming and greater fan communities.

Like the last project, I'll be utilizing the awesome technology of 3D printing to assist in crafting the initial parts needed to start casting. These parts are then finally assembled into an especially cool pyramidal sculpture made for display. This is a design I've always wanted to do, now it's becoming a reality, and I'll be placing one for myself in the living room as an accent light.

Cold cast and polished brass have a very shiny gold-look and it will be well-contrasted by a red translucent interior that will look great with or without lighting. For scale, as planned, the sides of the sculpture have a 10 cm base (~4 in). The plan right now is to set up the sculptures with lighting so they can either be run from battery power or from an adapter you can plug into the wall to give you the option to use it with a costume or to keep it powered up as a show piece!

I have a few possible stretch goals in mind now but I'll hold off on those until we get rolling and wanted to keep the project simple, focus on what was popular last time and cut down on complication for you. The designs for stickers and patches will be forthcoming as we ramp up, and I'm sure you'll love them! Thanks for having a look and lets have a great run!

Risks and challenges

This project is very similar in scope to the one I have just completed, which make the risks low and the challenges few. The final filigree design may need to change slightly based on Shapeways' ability to print the current design, but changes would be very minor and stay true to the original concept.
Because the original design was created using CG technology, the physical result will have a slightly more textured surface than depicted, due to the nature of casting by hand, each one unique.
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