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Gunnerkrigg Court is an urban fantasy webcomic by Tom Siddell following Antimony "Annie" Carver and Katerina "Kat" Donlan as they attend Gunnerkrigg Court, a large boarding school.

Every chapter is a self-contained story arc, that, over time, begin to tie together to form a larger, more cohesive narrative.

Read it from the beginning. The art gets better.

This thread is for posting of updates and discussion of the comic. If you still want to post about it in the WCAJ, go ahead. Post about it here too.

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The newest update has me a bit confused. Everyone says the "act" Carver was putting on was not the way she normally is, however we saw with her explosion with Mort, that is very much how her personaility works. So with this new update of "Softer/Apologetic" Carver, everyone is saying that "Oh now she's back to normal" I'm not biting.

I also think the crush Jack has on Zimmy is fantastic and a nice little twist. However is it based on the fact that she showed him who he really is/can be or is it actual attraction?
I actually took Jack's fascination with Zimmy as some sort of misguided affection as a result of post-hypnotic suggestion.

He was basically brainwashed, I think. He's the Zimmerian Candidate.
Well we know his previous obsession with her was to return to the otherside because of the spiders. However now that he's "free and clear" I think there has to be something more to it now. Maybe because she freed him? I dunno.
What I'm saying is I don't think he is as free and clear as he thinks he is.

I thought part of the "joke" in that strip was the idea that he's like "Yeah I'm totally not obsessed with her anymore, I'm just in love with her, it's TOTALLY different!"
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But not really the point.

I'm with you, I don't think Annie's been acting "out of character", necessarily. She was just conconcting some misguided ruse.

I just think she looks better with her hair down. :)
Considering she may be a woodland creature, I'm not sure she does. Then again, who's "normal" in this series anyway? Big Mr. E's pretty much got it together, with the exception of his previous love issue. Kat's parents have got it pretty together too. So I'm not sure that was a valid comfort for Jack to mention....
I dunno, seems she has alot of "past" coming up at her here and there. Not to mention with Coyote's comment bothering her in the last forrest visit, I'm not 100% sure on her life certainty.
Let's go on a speculative trip here regarding the nature of Miss Jones.

What we know:

- She is inhuman, or superhuman, given the scenes in chapter 28 where she 1-inch-punches through a concrete wall, and the scenes in chapter 17 where she deflects a sword with her face (and bare hands). Renard makes a remark about her weight in 28 - it is implied the rickety wooden bridge (and rope on the wall) would not support her. This makes her not a human who has learned superhuman feats, like Eglamore or Mrs. Donlan, but at least partly something else.
- She is, however, not a robot (as Tom has repeatedly stated)
- Coyote calls her Wandering Eye. The implication is (and has been even before this namedrop) that she has a) lived for a long, long time, b) traveled far and wide and c) seen a great deal of things (recall this page). Also, both Jones and Wandering Eye are simply monikers - she has apparently had a great many names. Besides that, she is highly observant and studious - almost like a walking, talking encyclopedia that instead of being compiled by a bunch of experts, compiles all the articles on her own.
- She is neutral and not beholden to anyone, as an observation made by Antimony in chapter 17. Although Jones herself dismisses it as irrelevant, chapter 31 shows the contrary - Coyote is highly aware of her neutrality, going so far as to play it against her by implying she works for the Court.
- She can not use a Blinker stone. Whether she can or can not use other Etheric things is unknown, but seeing as how a Blinker stone acts as a sort of magnification glass for a person's etheric qualities, it is not implausible to assume that she can't.
- At some point in the past, she was ''involved'' with the Forest, perhaps in a way not dissimilar to her current position in the court. However, at some point, she stood up against the might of Coyote and Ysengrin combined - see here - and left. Whether she immediately joined the Court or traveled for a while is unknown, and most likely will be forever.

What we can deduce:

- One theory states she is one of Coyote's ''eyes'' that we see appearing in his forms many times - not just in his proper eyesockets, but in his shoulder joints, on his chest and in his "etheric form" as well. If this is true, she apparently developed - or was given - consciousness at some point and separated from Coyote in order to lead her own life. This is mostly based on the information in chapter 31 and the name 'Wandering Eye'. It could account for her other features - remember that Coyote's tooth transformed into the keenest blade on earth, and his eyes are, allegedly, the sun and moon. Increased density of form and superhuman strength is, therefore, not unthinkable. The problem lies in her lack of Blinker stone ability - an offshoot of Coyote should be able to use Etheric Science, as he is the prime example of an etheric being.
- Another theory states that she is a form of Golem, going mostly off of her apparent superhuman features. Although plausible, there are some things that need be addressed, such as the fact that she is, to all appearances, an autonomous being with mental faculties equal to, if not higher than, sapient beings. Golems, on the other hand, are statues of inanimate matter, awakened and controlled by a rune as servants.
- I have no real definitive opinion on what Jones is. It is unlikely that she is an elemental - Annie said in chapter 32 that Ysengrin tried to explain what Jones is, but didn't necessarily succeed. This means that either she is not something we know in this reality or fiction, or Annie simply did not have the experience and wisdom that Ysengrin and others have to comprehend the nature of Jones' being. However it may turn out, it seems plausible that she is old enough to be immortal or at least nigh-immortal; that her biological make-up is of some form of stone or metal, repurposed or shape-shifted to pass as human; and that her desire to learn and abilities of observation make her into a scholar more than anything else, a Watcher of the world and its happenings (but mostly the Court and the Forest), an Adviser to those who wish to learn, and a Collector of knowledge.
Very very nicely written and explained. I wouldn't have considered her one of Coyote's Eyes but I could see that. She's very obviously not human or robot. She's definitely woodland related. It's a fun thing to speculate but the Coyote Eye thing is the closest I would have ever guessed.
Y'know... 'cause I _NEEDED_ another webcomic to follow... still, this is some FANTASTIC stuff... thanks to y'all for introducing me to it.

I'm digging this new look for Annie... more "fey,", also tying in to the fact that her time in the forest has both made her more animated in her dealings with others, but also more in tune with her inner serenity (via Ysengrim's meditations).

I have heartily enjoyed every single strip in this series, I've loved watching both the art and the characters progress (and yes, I'm a sucker for watching a good love story play itself out - poor Paz! ), and I can't wait to see where this goes from here.


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This comic's starting to lose me. I thought I was watching something whimsical and fantastical... not some American Pie sequel with celtic overtones.
This comic's starting to lose me. I thought I was watching something whimsical and fantastical... not some American Pie sequel with celtic overtones.
They do break chapters every once in awhile. If the Drama was always on, things would get too intense... hence the breather.


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They do break chapters every once in awhile. If the Drama was always on, things would get too intense... hence the breather.
I didn't mind the pigeon stuff or the other break comics. It's only been this current "omg sooo the drama look we're teens partying in secret and playing the mandolin" stuff that's making my interest fade.
I'm actually glad they "straight up" came out about it now and didn't keep up the silly charade. My only complaint was, why the hell was there ever a charade in the first place?
I'm actually glad they "straight up" came out about it now and didn't keep up the silly charade. My only complaint was, why the hell was there ever a charade in the first place?
Whatever the reason, you know they're good at it if they could fool a psychic crab.


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Fast and Furious reference made me facepalm. If the next comic doesn't "shut up, winsbury, you moron" I'll probably stop checking it for a few weeks so I can try and "fast forward" to when the comic stops being inane.