[Drawing] Kags' artist journey

(Holy goodness, I can't believe I missed this many days?? For shame, for shame.)

Day 8:
My awesomely terrible doodle of 'Creepin' on the Couch' - which I think the idea is hilarious so I'll probably re-do this along with Jay. My awesome lips bled through the paper....

Day 9:
Sleepy time...zzzz

Day 10:
More on the watercolor. Did my first wash for the petals, more to come!

Day 11:
Yay angel people! (I actually kind of a thing for wings.)

Day 12:
These are pretty true doodles for me. Day 1 was a doodle I couldn't leave alone, these are more just plain silly things.

Day 13:

I'm starting to break down Bayonetta so I can get going on it. I do this with all of my costumes, break them down piece by piece and make notes on fabric choices or what the seams are doing. (I was contemplating making a thread in the cosplay forum for all of my cosplay WIP's and pictures and such, yay or nay?

WIP sounds fantastic! I made an "All Things Conventions & Cosplay" thread a while back but stopped posting in it since I am kind of lazy lately...
I'm pretty lazy myself. =^^= I'll try to remember to take more pictures though, thanks Heatherling! (Also, I did converse nails - thought of you!)
Sorry I'm so behind.....ughhh. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up though, so here's a random bunch of sketches. When I find my actual sketchbook, I'll add a couple more.

Disproportionate leg pony!! (Also, ghost Rarity in the background..)

This didn't start out as Rarity from MLP, but totally ended there...

Just a super quick sketch of my dog Fly.

More doodles and some crazy back-end going on with the dragon...

I really liked the feathering on his fins, so you get a close up of them!

Just barely started to sketch a random fairy.

I've been working on my friends Ivy wig, so here's a progress picture. Which, I'm sewing in brighter red highlights, just because I like to make more work for myself.

The beginnings of a cosplay. Hee, yay! I love fabric shopping.

The thing about drawing horses is you have to just ride it out until you get better. Otherwise, you're saddled with poorly drawn horses.
I only understood the tail end of what you were saying, I think your puns are not stable, or perhaps you're stalled. Either way, don't quit your mane job or you'll find people here bridling at your puns.
Jesus, guys - time to call in the cavalry. These puns are trampling me down - poorly-shod puns should not be so casually released in a herd.
Oh come on, LittleKagsin. We know you're holding out, pony up your own puns! You may have been hurt in previous pun wars, but you need to get back up on that horse each time you fall.
So....I was completley expecting more puns...so I drew this (having the perfect pun ready: "I'm ready to rear my ugly head if the puns persist!"):
Also, his poor legs are gettin' sucked into the fold..

And here's a super quick Gothic Lolita sketch for Officer_Charon!! (Sorry it's not quite done, but here you go!)

So, Feb. is almost over and I'm not even close to being done with the request list and re-draws that I planned on doing (plus the scanning for Shego)! Eep!

Do you all think I should keep an art thread going? Would you guys be interested in seeing what I come up with, yay or nay?

I need to be doing much better - I feel bad, like I haven't put my best foot forward in showing you guys what I can really do. I'm hoping to show what talent I may have a bit better.

(I'm considering it Pez. I don't know the character very well, have never watched the show. But I may give it a shot. =^^=)
Sorry I've been MIA in here....but I knew that would happen. Ha!

A quick contour line drawing. Nothing super special, but I'm completely enjoying doing them. I forgot how much I adore contour line drawings.

Another super quick contour line, but I painted this one. I'm hoping to do a lot more of these!!

More random doodles....I draw eyes a lot. Thats my go to drawing. I should totally do a compalation of eyes, which I always draw the right eye....

A fun character sketch from my book. This is the character I draw most often, which is funny since she's a side character. (Also, you can see the left-handed curse all over this picture - smears!!)