is the server dead

we have been playing for a week and have seen a few ppl come and go is there anyone still playing on the server we are new and learning but we also like pvp just wondering if we need to move somewhere more active.
Current population seems to be 2-3 on at a time, maybe half a dozen during the busy times.
I have not been keeping track to know if they are all from the same factions, though.

@GasBandit can probably give you more of the demographics. Some of the v9 updates have mixed up the "traditional" playstyles and turned off some of the more frequent players, and I know that the current server has maybe only half the planets of the old one (since the big updates seem to require completely redoing the server every time they drop). I know there was an update today, dunno all the details other than ocean planets and armored cockpits.



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To be honest, a lot of the big PvP factions that used to play here have quit Empyrion entirely because they're tired of the bugs and the lag, and Eleon has indicated they're still very PvE/single player focused on their current development, so it's unlikely that PvP concerns will be addressed anytime in the near future - which frustrated them to the point of dropping the game.

The majority of HF players who used to play decided they didn't like the game. It's pretty much just Pat left on the server, from the forums. I don't play much any more because I don't have the time to invest, with all the other projects I've got going on. But because there are still 10 or so people who still log in (in 2s and 3s at a time, granted), I still keep the server up because it doesn't cost me anything - it's all paid for hardware that I physically own (I can see it from where I'm sitting in my office at work) and wouldn't have anything else to do if I took the server down.

I wouldn't blame you if you went to another server. I might suggest Renntech, they have a mixture of PvE and PvP and a very active community.
my friend and I have been playing and see a few pop in its good for us at this time because we are new to the game, this is pretty much like dual universe and I'm a tester in that one right now. but from what I can tell the game is running pretty good but I did not have to deal with the prior issues. and thanks for the response, if anyone else plays the server hit us up
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