i'm gonna make a new wrestling thread (NJPW is back)

Hey. there are a lot of varied options to watch professional wrestling in the year 2020. it's easier than ever to beam large men (and women) with muscles into your home, punching each other live or on demand. I'm going to talk about ones I watch.

New Japan Pro Wrestling
https://njpwworld.com/ (streaming service, 999 yen ($8-9?))
https://www.njpw1972.com/ (english)

It's airing a special event with tags now, but the actual New Japan cup is back this week too. They used to be on TV in the states, but the powers that be fucked all that up :( However you gotta wake up at like 4-6am in the US to watch it live.


Impact (fka TNA Wrestling, NWA:TNA)
https://impactplus.tv/ (streaming service, $8/mo)

This has all the archives and most of the shows. I'm way behind on current Impact, but I've been using this to watch some old stuff for a while.

Ring of Honor
https://www.rohwrestling.com/ (Honor club streaming? dunno much about it)

They're also major in America, dunno much about their streaming. Their TV shows air in perpetuity on Sinclair networks/broadcast in the United States.

All Elite Wrestling

T-shirt company. They air infomercials on TNT occasionally.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Money Laundering front for Saudi Arabian murder-for-hire business interests. Sometimes airs fake punching?

Sorry, i ran out of steam partway through there, but please let me know what wrestling you're watching, what you're excited for coming up, and what old matches you like!!! I think right now my Match of the Year is between Ospreay/Hiromu, Page/Omega vs Bucks, and AJ vs Bryan
Yeah, wrestling's massive metoo right now makes it hard to be excited about anything wrestling related.
Just watched AEW and laughed out loud when Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian had new tag team music when a day later Havoc was all but fired for being a traumatically abusive rapist.


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Yeah, this has been draining my enthusiasm for wrestling in general. There’s just...so fucking many now, and none of the companies are going to do the right thing.

AEW suspended Sammy, and will donate his paychecks to a women’s shelter. Good.

Jimmy Havoc goes to rehab and his past real-life violence is glossed over. Not good.

MJF is outed as a pretty nasty bully, and nothing has happened yet. Not good.

There’s rumors about Jake Hagar going around, and should be investigated.

Darby Allin seems in the clear, despite rumors. It looks like he was istaken for another guy with a similar name.

WWE, of course, won’t do any better.

Velveteen Dream appears to have multiple accusations against him. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t made the main roster?

Matt Riddle was upfront about accusations about him before WWE signed him, and it’s not clear what that situation is right now. Very he-said she-said.

Jack Gallagher should be in fucking jail. I haven’t heard all the details, but it sounds like it’s really, really awful. He’s been scrubbed from WWE entirely now.

British wrestling is a horror show with everything coming out.