I love this thread

Was this thread / poll really necessary?

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Candle Jack

I love this thread. It is about nothing. Do You?


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good, because the last thing we want or need is neon going fucknuts crazy again and spouting his bullshit on this forum
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Oh no you don't. You're not gonna trick me, oh no, I'm not gonna say Candlejack. No sir, I


You have got to be fucking kidding me. You finally come back and instead of doing it normally you do one of the things that fucking pisses people off? Now you're going to have to leave for another length of time so they calm down again.


Fulfilling my legal requirement for posting in this thread.


It doesn't piss me off, it's just tiresome to me, I suppose.


Why does this piss people off so much? :confused:
No idea, also don't really know why people are so pissed at neon anyway, kid just needs to lay offa the sugar from what i've seen
I have absolute nothing of value to add to this thread. However for the record, I never disliked Neon. We all do things that are tiresome to someone sometimes but we keep living on. right?

*is slain by an unknown source*
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See I'm not opposed to the CandleJack meme, but I am opposed to Neon starting a CandleJack account and posting shit like th


actually, im not at all concerned with Neon himself. It's the meme that annoys.

Candle Jack

OK, so I was only planning on making the one post, the hello/goodbye, see you in a couple more months... then in the middle of my writing the thread, the shop got busy again and so I got distracted..which is fine, I needed to get back to work.. I just find it fucking hilarious that I wasn't even PLAYING a meme and I get to see all this assholish juvenile hate. Yeah fuck you haters I'm laughing at you, not with you. You don't understand me, fine, fuck off I don't care. You think you know me or I'm a asshole back, fine whatever.

Hell I even laughed at Crone's post and that's a god damned miracle!

I should keep posting in case I haven't pissed enough people off I suppose, but I took someone's hint and changed to Facebook.

Allright well I've had my say, this place isn't even worth lurking in for me anymore. So, hello goodbye, those of you who like me, you (should) know where I am, if not, ask Nihsen for a contact throw.
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