I just ate bacon.

I was at a Denny's in California last week... their "bacon" sides existed of one strip of bacon. Robbery. ROBBERY!!!
I ate so much bacon yesterday, because i was hungover anf it seems to help. But I went overboard and basically had a bacon hangover today.
I've been thinking it would be fun to start a small restaurant or deli (or something) called simply "Bad For You Foods"

Bacon _____
Bacon Twinkie wraps
Bacon ice cream
Bacon bagels
Bacon marshmallows
Bacon Guacamole
and lots other items..
Don't panic guys but the bacon industry is seeking bacon embassadors to help promote the bacon lifestyle.


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I take that as a porcine of how the industry is faring.[DOUBLEPOST=1430862583,1430862492][/DOUBLEPOST]They'll just have to javelina budget from here on out.[DOUBLEPOST=1430862651][/DOUBLEPOST]I mean, really, I never sausage a thing as a bacon ambassador in all my days.
Someone in this house may have cooked and then grief-eaten a pound of bacon for lunch... and by someone, I mean me. And by a pound, I mean two pounds. And by may have, I mean did. And now I never want to see another slice of bacon again. In fact, just typing the word kind of makes me want to hurl.

Edit: God damn it, grief-eaten, not greig-eaten. Grief. Ah well.
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Ordered a bacon cheeseburger, got home to find out I received a mushroom cheeseburger instead. Same cost, ate it anyway, enjoyed my food, would go back again.

tl;dr was denied bacon
My girlfriend left me in charge of preparing food for our outing tomorrow. Someone may have made a mistake. Is 16 bacon sandwiches and 8 egg sandwiches for 2 people a good and balanced breakfast + lunch + snack? I may or may not throw in a tomato on grounds of "we need vegetables". Tomorrow, my cholesterol will be over 9000.
Bacon rant: every morning at out breakfast buffet at our hotel, they would serve bacon, but it was an abomination: it was like they took a pack of bacon, put it in the microwave for a minute and dumped it in the chafing dish. A pile of greasy, limp, barely cooked bacon was a waste. I wanted to go back to the kitchen and say, "Move over, I'm cooking this correctly".

I swear tomorrow I'm making a pile of crispy bacon to make up for a week of disappointing breakfasts.