I just ate bacon.

I like the boxes of bacon ends you can get from butchers that cost as much as a pound of regular bacon. You know what doesn't give a shit about what the shape of the bacon is? My mouth.
Turkey Ranch bacon wrap. And one in the fridge. Looking forward to another plate full of bacon next week when pay comes in.
I need to wash my big-arse griddle so I can eat some bacon this weekend. Definitely need to eat some bacon.
I'm going to fry some bacon tomorrow, to use the grease to pan-fry some pork chops.

Whatever am I going to do with that bacon that has no place in my recipe? Cook's perogative--I ain't even gonna share it. :ninja:
I don't eat much red meat these days, but I just had the guy from Subway put bacon on my sub.
One day I'll be able to post in the "I just had sex thread*", but this will have to suffice for now.

*It's been a very long time.:oops:
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Some one I might be married to ordered a veggie burger with bacon last week.
I've had the halal burger with bacon a few times in a local burger place. They looked strange the first time I ordered it but pfeh, I am not bound by your silly restrictions, man.
I had some bacon yesterday right after coming home from work. it was really go...oh, wait, we weren't using this thread as a subtle metaphor? Sorry, wrong thread.