i destroyed my life in a year and a half ama


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Ok I guess I'll ask it.

How'd you destroy your life?
Short answer - alcohol. I’ve given up jobs, friendships, and my home with stupidity involving alcohol.

Which culture's/nationality's/ethnicity's food (other than your own) do you enjoy most?
I’m a big fan of middle eastern food. And there is no shortage of it in Michigan.

Would you rather have a daunting wall of questions from me, or get no questions from me?
Let’s build a wall and make Dave’s servers pay for it.


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Subs or dubs?
Miso, shoyu, or tonkotsu?
Wit or witout?
Paper or plastic?
Do you guys laugh at RichRod now, too?
- I’m good with either. I dont watch a ton of anime

- I’ve seen you ask this elsewhere and am ashamed i do not know the differences :(

- I believe the only correct answer is wit

- do people really have preferences to this nowadays? Uh....plastic

- i dont think any UM fans have ever laughed at him. Some were done with him after his first season here, and everyone else that got sick of him would still be too in pain from those years to laugh. I personally defended him as a coach up until this latest stuff. Oh well.[DOUBLEPOST=1518580501,1518580463][/DOUBLEPOST]
You ever go to eat a pork sausage, and find it's got hairs growin' all over it?


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Are you proud that you have (at least for now) outwitted GasBandit and avoided having your thread moved to the other forum with the others?


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How are you doing?
Surprisingly calm. I’m dealing with the ramifications of everything, and will be for awhile. And I’m trying not to dwell on the things i can’t change, while also accepting the responsibility for my actions. Mostly I’m just embarrassed that I lost control so badly. But in general I’m trying to stay positive.

Thanks for asking!