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To me, it looks like the big secret (without all the privileged “hunter-gatherer lifestyle” bullshit) is “do some stretching/yoga every day”. Which any physical therapist would tell you. And can be done in modified forms at your desk/workstation. And there’s tons of free resources to get you started. (There, I saved you $19.95.)
Nothing she's selling is a big secret. It's been known for years (meaning "scientifically" known, backed up by studies) that a sedentary lifestyle that includes long periods of sitting does a number on your metabolism, glucose, insulin, etc. If her message is "hey slob! Stop sitting around all the time," the health industry has been telling us that for a long time :)
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For the record, I am not advocating purchasing her materials.
The video, however, presents an alternative way of looking at movement as more than merely exercise, which is a concept I think needs to be more widely adopted.
...the same way I think "be a good person" applies 24hrs/day, and not just while on the clock/during church/during an interview, etc.

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Here's the headline: Fecal transplants in a capsule may be as effective as those delivered by colonoscopy: study

Published in JAMA as well, so not snake oil. Good to get a less-invasive but still effective treatment for C. Diff.

So that's great, but that's not why I posted this: PUN time! "Poop Pills" are already in many headlines about this, so that's taken, but I'm sure the good people here can come up with a whole PLETHORA of other names that we'll all enjoy about this news. Extra points for alliteration.

Go at it people!
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Down to 201. Super close to my goal for this year.
I've made quite a few changes. I eat an egg + fruit for breakfast. I am eating mostly vegetarian for lunch, usually a salad. Dinner is meat and 2 veg. My breakfast and lunch are nearly salt-free. I am working out ~3x a week and have been walking more. BP is getting a little lower, but still not great.
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People are always saying, "You need to exercise and eat better."
Turns out they may be one and the same.
Scientists found that after exercising for several weeks, formerly sedentary study participants were more likely to choose foods like lean meats, fruits and vegetables, while preferences for fried foods, sodas and other unhealthy options decreased. Participants were instructed not to change their diets in any significant way, but it happened anyway.
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Been hitting the gym 3x a week for 2 1/2 months now. Mainly weightlifting. I have not felt this good in my body since my college days.