Happy Birthday LittleKagsin!

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Aw, thanks so much guys!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


@Emrys, I do in fact get both! My parents were very kind to me growning up and wanted to make sure they never combined the two. :)
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I'm glad someone pulled through with the Stromtroopers!

Thanks everyone! I feel so special having people wish me a happy birthday! :heart: And I'm so excited because for the first year, ever in my life mind you, I'm having a party today with friends! :heart:

You guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I want you to know that I appreciate you all!
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Thanks everyone for all of the birthday wishes and fox pictures!! :heart:

I went out to dinner with friends, then went to see Frozen (which I LOVED!), and finished the night playing movie trivia and eating brownie trifle. It's the first time I've ever celebrated my birthday with friends, which made me so happy in and of itself. Since my birthday is so close to the holiday's, having friends over and a party was really never an option for me.

But yeah, had a great time! My friends got me a really awesome 1945 edition of Black Beauty. And my friends' grandma made me a wand, which is just...so random and awesome. I'll probably post pic's later. ;)
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We had ginger bread* trifle with pears poached in red wine. Very tasty.

*two separate words, not "gingerbread."