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Sunday, 1st of Spring, Year 2 - Household 3


Skillin' up.

Well, this looks like a typical Household 3 morning.
04-15-19_6-47-06 PM.png

A tough decision has to be made. The koi pond is sold to make room for the Rocket that Cog needs to take his nerd brain to the next level. And the twist: The rocket has some assembly required. Ok, ALL assembly required.
04-15-19_6-50-17 PM.png

Vero has made so many new friends and become so charismatic that she can afford a satisfaction reward for her aspirational achievements. She opts for "incredibly friendly," which will help her schmooze her way even higher in the social circles.
Vero Incredibly Friendly.jpg

Cog gets right to work on his new rocket.
04-15-19_6-56-09 PM.png

Oh, it's new skill day! Everybody gets faster skill ups today, and a confidence boost if they learn something new. I set Bubble to learn gourmet cooking, Vero ups her charisma game even more, MD keeps exercising, and Kags sends off the artifacts she's dug up on her vacations for authentication (which also earns her a small modicum of fame).
04-15-19_6-57-41 PM.png

Then she tells her brother to stop messing around and come home already.
04-15-19_6-59-46 PM.png

For some reason, Kags gets it in her head to shovel snow.
04-15-19_7-01-00 PM.png

Buuuut that doesn't last. She is distracted by Polly, and snuggles him instead.
04-15-19_7-02-20 PM.png

Well. This looks to be going perfectly smoothly.

For some reason, Kags keeps taking food out of the fridge and setting it on the counter. I think she just likes the smell.
04-15-19_7-06-31 PM.png

For new skill day, Gruebeard tries out singing. Unmute if you dare.

Polly sings along.
04-15-19_7-14-41 PM.png

MD stays on that treadmill for hours. Way to go, old man. And Vero's right there to support you, eating her lunch (pasta primavera) right in front of you.
04-15-19_7-15-32 PM.png

The ol' hand buzzer trick gets em every time. Kags is a sport about it.

Cog has really made some good progress on that rocket... but working all day (while giving him confidence and satisfying his loner tendencies) has also left him hungry and stinky.
04-15-19_7-17-17 PM.png

A sad movie on TV leads to synchronized crying.
04-15-19_7-20-00 PM.png

The coffee has gone bad, the teapot hasn't been cleaned in ages, and Cog smells like an old shoe. The kitchen is not a very pleasant place at the moment.
04-15-19_7-21-43 PM.png

MindDetective has finally worn himself out for the day, and takes a nap.
04-15-19_7-22-23 PM.png

Can't have a Household 3 day without a dance gif.

Cog relaxes in the bath, easing his muscles and his musk.
04-15-19_7-24-09 PM.png

In preparation for her next jungle foray, Kags starts working on her stamina.
04-15-19_7-25-49 PM.png

Gonna kick that temple guardian right in his bony ass, next time she sees him!
04-15-19_7-30-31 PM.png

Cog upgrades the downstairs toilet to be self-cleaning. Impressive.
04-15-19_7-32-34 PM.png

Vero, for her new skill, takes up the piano. Everybody is polite about it.
04-15-19_7-34-31 PM.png

Cog's achieved enough of his aspiration to also afford a decent reward, but nothing really fits him... he decides to get a potion of youth... and he gives it to his wife, so she can put off going grey for another few seasons. Time is ticking for the rest of us...
04-15-19_7-40-40 PM.png

They head off to bed around 8:30. Speaking of time ticking away, I note that MD is having another nap, in an odd location. He's looking particularly fatigued of late...
04-15-19_7-43-30 PM.png

Kags is the life of the party.
04-15-19_7-45-36 PM.png

.... the HOT TUB party. It gets her a little flirty, in fact.
04-15-19_7-49-23 PM.png

Grue decides he'd like some coffee while he soaks. But when he gets back with his mug, Kags and Bubble are gone!
04-15-19_7-51-18 PM.png

Ah, looks like they got tired and went to bed. SEPARATE beds. I know how you guys think.
04-15-19_7-52-34 PM.png

MindDetective wakes up from his nap and goes downstairs for a midnight snack in the form of one of Bubbles' brownies. And then he hears a familiar voice at the door.
04-15-19_7-54-39 PM.png

Welcome back, brother.
04-15-19_7-55-24 PM.png

Now that Drawn Inward is a ghost, he can go digging for fossils at all hours of the night without issue.
04-15-19_7-59-56 PM.png

For some reason, Grue decides to take up violin for the first time ever. At 2 am. Bet he's popular with the neighbors. To say nothing of his housemates.
04-15-19_8-00-44 PM.png

Drawn Inward doesn't find any fossils tonight, but he does find the food stand at the park open at 3 am, and decides to grab some coffee before he heads home.
04-15-19_8-02-30 PM.png
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For some reason
Have you seen that almost-naked chef? it's obvious! :whistling:

life of the party.
Sure, a two-person party with hottie McAbs :unibrow:

the HOT TUB party. It gets her a little flirty, in fact.
Told you so! :csi:

when he gets back with his mug, Kags and Bubble are gone!
Wink wink nudge nudge! :D

went to bed.
Aww yeah! SimBubble living the dream! :hump:

SEPARATE beds. I know how you guys think.
Ah, turns out he's just like RealBubble, after all. Sigh. :cry:


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Nope. Tried that. Still showed up in my feed, but that's because I sort by "New". So subbing/unsubbing really does nothing.


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But if I do that then I miss out on new content.
It puts these little tags in the upper left with Xs on them.


This makes a very easy workflow. You hit "new posts," and that way you can prioritize reading threads you're already watching/participating in.

Then you just click the X next to watched, and see all the new threads you haven't participated in yet, and select the ones you want to check out by middle clicking them to open in new tabs.

Then you can just click "mark forums read."

Then the next time you click "new posts," the defaults reassert themselves, and you can do it again.


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I agree with Dave here. I can just not read the threads I don't care about, then click Mark as read when I finish reading everything I do care about. :p
At least you're not complaining about the ones you aren't using the tools provided to not have to see!
I ignore nothing and no one, I scroll through ‘em all, and the ones I don’t like, I just scroll faster..



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Monday, 2nd of Spring, Year 2 - Household 4


We went a walking in the park, goosing statues in the dark, and dear, if Sherman's horse can take it, so can you.

Dammit, I forgot about Dei's commercial acting gig, and thus she didn't go. I'm gonna have to really literally make a note next time. I've really dropped the ball on her aspiration. This game needs too much micromanaging.
04-16-19_6-55-07 PM.png

Gas' turn to grill breakfast. He manages not to burn himself to death this time.
04-16-19_6-55-27 PM.png

Why do we even have that table? To keep the champagne off the floor, I guess.
04-16-19_6-59-38 PM.png

Jwhouk needs to play chess to help his job performance, and Tin needs logic... so they play before Joe has to go to work.
04-16-19_7-02-11 PM.png

I get Dei a new audition. I'll remember this time!
04-16-19_7-04-01 PM.png

Funny how much "in the zone" Gas looks like "pouty anime girl" Gas.
04-16-19_7-04-58 PM.png

Snuffles whips up a few drinks to maximize his upcoming job performance. For the record, there are 17 drinks in the fridge that Snuffles has made that have yet to be drunk.
04-16-19_7-06-06 PM.png

Gas is teh virtumal banality mastur.

Snuffles gets in a little socializing, then heads off to work.
04-16-19_7-08-20 PM.png

Tin loves Coffee. Gas loves Celt Z.
04-16-19_7-11-35 PM.png

Celt Z loves Coffee.
04-16-19_7-12-49 PM.png

To advance their aspirations, DA and GasBandit need to write a game or an app, and their programming skills aren't quite there yet. I have them each write a plugin for a bit of quick cash and a confidence boost, then practice programming, since they don't have to go to work today.
04-16-19_7-16-05 PM.png

Tinwhistler keeps at the chess to work that logic stat.
04-16-19_7-16-25 PM.png

Bubble is STILL jogging.
04-16-19_7-21-56 PM.png

Celt Z introduces herself to Sparhawk in the park next door.
04-16-19_7-23-16 PM.png

Got 'im.
04-16-19_7-24-32 PM.png

Oh hey, Sara, Adam, and Wasabi are having a picnic. Celt Z invites herself, and makes a favorable impression on Sara.
04-16-19_7-25-40 PM.png

Got 'er.
04-16-19_7-28-10 PM.png

Jwhouk and Snuffleupagus both come home with promotions today! Way to go, fellas.
04-16-19_7-32-08 PM.png

Gas has fallen asleep in the hot tub.
04-16-19_7-34-44 PM.png

You know what, that sounds like a great idea to Celt Z and the guys who just got home from work.
04-16-19_7-37-33 PM.png

Those of us who are NOT asleep nosh some grub and socialize in the living room.
04-16-19_7-38-17 PM.png

After eating, DarkAudit elects to take a nap also... but indoors, and dry.
04-16-19_7-40-31 PM.png

Snuffleupagus once again entreats his dog's spirit to come home.
04-16-19_7-41-07 PM.png

Celt Z did not get a lot of rest in that hot tub full of stewed dudes. She goes to bed almost as soon as she wakes up from her nap. Most everybody else isn't far behind her, really.
04-16-19_7-42-38 PM.png

Kags seems to be on a fitness kick with some late night jogging.
04-16-19_7-47-29 PM.png

Looks like Tinwhistler caught whatever the heck it was that sent Gas to the hospital. Fortunately, I can treat him at home. I feed him, cure him, and send him to bed. He's worked hard today.
04-16-19_7-48-01 PM.png

DarkAudit stays up all night playing vidya. THAT'S gonna be great for job performance today.
04-16-19_7-50-34 PM.png

Oh, and he also samples some of Snuffles' yummier handiwork.
04-16-19_7-51-30 PM.png

Miracle upon miracles, a tiny, dizzy, sleepy, soaking wet, spectral dog comes limping home in the wee hours of the morning. Daisy is back. FINALLY. And not before time, too... a full house is a Serial Romantic's most reliable contraceptive.
04-16-19_7-54-54 PM.png

Ghost-Daisy is obviously ill, but it's 4:30 am and almost time to move on, so I have Snuffles slap a Cone of Shame on her and call it a day.
04-16-19_7-57-41 PM.png
I am always impressed how well my Sim can seduce people while dressed like a giant highlighter. I don't think I could pull that off, even in the early 1990's.


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I am always impressed how well my Sim can seduce people while dressed like a giant highlighter. I don't think I could pull that off, even in the early 1990's.
They appreciate a woman who dresses sensibly for the weather!

Also in the early 90s we absolutely wore highlighter-colored clothing unironically.

I could pick up any hottie in the lunch line if I had one of these bad boys on my body.