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Corn dog with your Cosmo miss? Pina Colada with your poutine sir? Beer with your braht Gassy Ban?


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Tuesday, 3rd of Winter, Year 2 - Household 3

Household 3 fixed - Kags Grue Mind Cog Drawn Vero Bubble181 and Polly.jpg

A chill winter.

Household 3 has been hit by a double whammy - both Drawn Inward and Polly have expired within the last few days.
04-10-19_8-46-24 PM.png

I arrange their urns in tasteful locations in the foyer.
04-10-19_8-47-45 PM.png

Bubble is actually the best cook in the house now.
04-10-19_8-51-34 PM.png

Grue beseeches his cat to return.
04-10-19_8-52-07 PM.png

And Kags does the same for her brother.
04-10-19_8-53-23 PM.png

This gives Bubble enough time to finish cooking breakfast, and then it's down to business. Sim Life is short - that's a point well-hammered home, lately, so ya gotta chase those aspirations.
04-10-19_8-55-52 PM.png

Incidentally it's snowing like crazy outside, so outdoor pursuits are probably gonna have to wait.
04-10-19_8-56-50 PM.png

Vero gets busy raising that charsima.
04-10-19_8-57-15 PM.png

MD has already overexerted himself this morning... he'll have to kinda take it easy.
04-10-19_8-57-26 PM.png

Logic level 6 is within Cog's grasp.
04-10-19_8-58-49 PM.png

Grue has to be at work in an hour and a half, and he's been neglecting his comedy writing. That's no way to get promoted.
04-10-19_8-59-39 PM.png

In order to further his renaissance sim aspiration, Bubble needs two promotions at a job. Since he's been getting really good at cooking, I have him get a job in the culinary industry.
bubble chef.jpg

And he starts off with some practice, so that he makes a good impression on his first day.
04-10-19_9-04-27 PM.png

Grue didn't finish his comedy prep, but he's already late for work and has to dash.
04-10-19_9-06-34 PM.png

Cog achieves the next step of his aspiration, and now he needs to own a rocket. Where the heck is he gonna find the room for a rocket??
04-10-19_9-08-30 PM.png

The only place Kags has been able to find the space to set up to deal with the artifacts she found in the jungle is in the downstairs bathroom. Cog must waddle his full-bladdered self upstairs to pee.
04-10-19_9-12-22 PM.png

Bubble doesn't really have anything he needs to do left today, so he watches a couple movies.
04-10-19_9-13-16 PM.png

Apparently no amount of inclement weather will stop Sara from grilling in the park.
04-10-19_9-19-11 PM.png

The conflict over the bathroom escalates.
04-10-19_9-20-14 PM.png

Losing a sibling makes you appreciate the one you have left.
04-10-19_9-20-58 PM.png

Vero finishes her self-taught charm school, now she needs to make 4 more friends. It occurs to her that even though they live together, she and MD could be closer. Some well-chosen words of flattery, and she's got herself another friend.
04-10-19_9-22-23 PM.png

Bubble misses Drawn Inward.
04-10-19_9-24-47 PM.png

Well, Vero's not gonna find more friends staying at home. She heads next door.
04-10-19_9-29-32 PM.png

She spends the rest of the day cheering up Household 1 in their time of loss, and nets a couple more friends.
04-10-19_9-31-00 PM.png

However, she and Luca get off to a bad start.
04-10-19_9-37-14 PM.png

She returns home around 10pm, worn out. Everybody's back to being nonproductive, of course.
04-10-19_9-43-48 PM.png

All these delicious things Bubble's been whipping up, and Kags goes for the cheese crackers.
04-10-19_9-45-28 PM.png

Bubble pumps a little iron before bed. Gotta keep that hard-won six pack.
04-10-19_9-45-51 PM.png

MD is content to sit and drink coffee.
04-10-19_9-46-20 PM.png

Vero and Cog are the first to hit the sack.
04-10-19_9-46-31 PM.png

Late that night, just as he's about to go to bed, Grue discovers Polly has appeared to.. uh... make a deposit. Welcome back to the family, Polly.

Oh, and did I forget to mention Grue broke the damn toilet? Kags mops the mess, but it's futile... until Cog wakes up and fixes it, puddles will just continue to form.
04-10-19_9-52-02 PM.png

And Kags is STILL a dance machine.
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Given the opportunity/choice, I'd rather become a chef than a mixologist, but of course it's up to you what works.


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Wednesday, 4th of Winter, Year 2 - Household 4


She's all about comfort and joy.

Welp, the boys are goofing off.
04-11-19_6-50-36 PM.png

GB's watching politics. Typical.
04-11-19_6-50-46 PM.png

Only the ladies are doing anything productive. I'm not sure what uncleanliness has Celt Z yucked out, you can't see anything under all the snow.
04-11-19_6-51-26 PM.png

Jwhouk's gotta learn 4 things. Dancing's just as good as anything, and he's already doing that himself.
04-11-19_6-51-46 PM.png

I replace the picnic tables with something a little more refined.
04-11-19_6-56-45 PM.png

Well, seems most people would rather sit at the bar anyway.
04-11-19_6-58-20 PM.png

Oh, and hey, it's Christmas! This is how we do Christmas .. er, excuse me, Winterfest, in Household 4.
04-11-19_6-59-13 PM.png

Tin likes to watch.
04-11-19_7-02-32 PM.png

DarkAudit is less of a party guy, though, and likes to be on his own. Ironically enough, though, he's over there chatting.
04-11-19_7-03-18 PM.png

Snuffles asks a risque question, and Dei doesn't respond well.

Welp, DA has broken his computer. I send Gas over to fix it, but...
04-11-19_7-06-24 PM.png

... he's easily distracted.
04-11-19_7-07-37 PM.png

No time for love, Dr. Jones. Fix the computer, techno-monkey.
04-11-19_7-08-59 PM.png

Caffeine is his reward to himself when he's finished.
04-11-19_7-11-56 PM.png

Yarr, Gruebeard grills himself up a hearty pirate stew of beanies and weenies.
04-11-19_7-12-55 PM.png

Alright, everybody's got the day off from work, but there's still aspirations to chase. I set Snuffles back to mixology practice.
04-11-19_7-16-37 PM.png

The other fellas are gonna work their minds at the poker table. I need to keep them busy...
04-11-19_7-18-14 PM.png

And Dei, too. Work that acting skill, girl.
04-11-19_7-18-35 PM.png

The reason being, I want them productive while I send Celt Z over to work on HER aspiration - which needs one more romantic conquest. I send her down the street to Household 1.
04-11-19_7-20-44 PM.png

This house is in the throes of mourning. Somebody should surely need some company to cheer them up.
04-11-19_7-21-44 PM.png

Oh, who's this strapping, distinguished ghost? He's lunch, that's what he is.
04-11-19_7-23-00 PM.png

Hey Charon, Mistletoe!
04-11-19_7-25-32 PM.png

Next thing you know, they're in more secluded environs...
04-11-19_7-31-16 PM.png

... and one thing leads to another. Celt Z has her third strong romantic relationship. She's still gotta find six other people to kiss, though.

Meanwhile, Jwhouk's dancing is getting less awful.
04-11-19_7-34-55 PM.png

If Tin isn't careful, he's gonna set fire to his beard.
04-11-19_7-35-37 PM.png

DarkAudit's switched gears to console instead of PC. Gas decides it's time for a nap.
04-11-19_7-36-10 PM.png

Celt Z gets home from her tryst. Yeah, that townie seems to know what's up. She joins GB in taking a nap.
04-11-19_7-36-53 PM.png

Tin elects to eat his dinner down at the bar, and chat with Snuffles while he practices. Snuffles achieves mixology level 7. Now he just needs for his professional career to catch up to him.
04-11-19_7-37-39 PM.png

Snuffles once again entreats the afterlife for a visit from his dog, but the ethereal circuits seem to be busy.
04-11-19_7-39-55 PM.png

Having awakened from his nap, Gas joins the party downstairs.
04-11-19_7-41-55 PM.png

If Celt Z is gonna smooch 6 more people in rapid succession, she's gonna need a lot smoother tongue. She works on her pickup lines in the bathroom mirror, since Dei is still monopolizing the standing mirror.
04-11-19_7-43-30 PM.png

Kags goes out for a run on this bracing winter's night.
04-11-19_7-45-17 PM.png

DA goes to bed before 10 like some kind of responsible adult.
04-11-19_7-45-47 PM.png

And despite their afternoon nap, CZ and GB aren't far behind him.
04-11-19_7-46-23 PM.png

He's exhausted and has to pee REAL bad, but Snuffles is enjoying the conversation with Tin too much. He crosses his legs and holds it.
04-11-19_7-47-05 PM.png

Dei gets another audition saturday at 9 am. I think I'm just going to have to remember that and switch back to her to get her to her audition this time. That settled, she heads off to bed.
04-11-19_7-48-11 PM.png

In fact, the whole place is asleep by midnight, and sleeps through til morning. Silent night, indeed.
04-11-19_7-50-08 PM.png
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...what the heck am I talking to DA about in that one picture? The emoji looks like a cross between a burning heart and someone playing blackface?


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...what the heck am I talking to DA about in that one picture? The emoji looks like a cross between a burning heart and someone playing blackface?
That's the symbol for "woo-hoo." What the sims calls sex, to avoid getting an M rating. You are gossiping with him about who's sleeping with whom.


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Thursday, 5th of Winter, Year 2 - Household 5


A challenger appears!

Klew's gotta get those 4 4 skills, and he's been working diligently at logic.
04-12-19_6-41-30 PM.png

Well, I guess Zappit can't burn to death anymore if he screws up with the grill, huh?
04-12-19_6-41-43 PM.png

Hrm, somebody's missing here.
04-12-19_6-42-41 PM.png

Ah, it seems that Null's reprieve from death was less than 5 days. Well, I mean, knowing his girlfriend, I'm not surprised.
04-12-19_6-43-06 PM.png

Speaking of, she isn't too happy with the development, either.
04-12-19_6-45-16 PM.png

Everybody has a breakfast of Zappit's burgers, but Bhamv just kind of picks at her food.
04-12-19_6-47-50 PM.png

So, when she wanders away from the table, I have her perform the ritual to strengthen Null's ties to the material plane.
04-12-19_6-48-57 PM.png

Afterwards, she decides to go cry it out in bed.
04-12-19_6-50-53 PM.png

After breakfast, Zappit entertains himself briefly by possessing a nearby bookshelf, startling Sparhawk.

Meanwhile, it looks like Jun is getting to know some of the kids in the neighborhood.
04-12-19_6-52-13 PM.png

Sara's gonna need some coffee if she's to be productive today.
04-12-19_6-54-59 PM.png

Klew and Spar are cutting the proverbial rug, and I had intended to make some kind of memetic reference to the dancing guys in Gravity Falls, but then Bhamv shows up and steals the show by flirting with Klew and then shouting insults at him. She's an eccentric one.

The argument leaves Klew in a terrible mood.
04-12-19_6-57-53 PM.png

Meanwhile, Zappit has painted his first masterpiece. Bravo!
04-12-19_7-01-58 PM.png

Spar and Klew head off to work as Bhamv takes out the trash.

Bhamv still needs one more date. One beau is dead, and the other's at work. Tiger makes a convenient target... and she easily sweet talks him into taking her out.
04-12-19_7-06-26 PM.png

They head to the Orchid a Go-Go club. Hey, MD seems to be a bouncer here!
04-12-19_7-10-15 PM.png

Things seem to go very well at first, but I have to keep Bhamv from going Dr Hyde a few times on Tiger.
04-12-19_7-12-28 PM.png

What, did Dei raid GasBandit's closet before going out today?!
04-12-19_7-13-04 PM.png

As long as Bhamv stays on track and doesn't turn nasty, Tiger puts up no resistance at all and is enraptured.
04-12-19_7-16-49 PM.png

They take this party back to the house.
04-12-19_7-20-38 PM.png

And then Tiger can't contain himself any more.

Sara takes a break from the chessboard to get in some time on the treadmill.
04-12-19_7-23-45 PM.png

Bhamv worked up an appetite. Tiger, on the other hand, has immediate need of a nap.
04-12-19_7-25-24 PM.png

Klew gets home from work, and immediately sets to the chessboard with a will.
04-12-19_7-33-25 PM.png

Once she's done with her bite and her nap, Bhamv starts working her charm skills in a mirror.
04-12-19_7-37-24 PM.png

Null apparently texts Tiger his approval from beyond the veil. I take this as a positive indicator that he'll be showing up tonight.
Null Text.jpg

Zappit takes a break from painting to refuel. He's had quite a day, completing several excellent paintings.
04-12-19_7-39-36 PM.png

Silk gets sprayed by YET ANOTHER SKUNK.
04-12-19_7-41-09 PM.png

(sniff... sniff sniff) oh man...
04-12-19_7-43-24 PM.png

Spar is off to wash his stinky, stinky ghost dog. Again.
04-12-19_7-46-01 PM.png

I don't know where Adam is going, but he's dressed up for it.
04-12-19_7-44-34 PM.png

Tiger's got a song in his heart and he's just gotta let it out.
04-12-19_7-46-42 PM.png

Klew completes his logic needs. One down, three to go! It's too bad that he and Sara weren't able to work on that at the same time.
04-12-19_7-49-40 PM.png

Bubble's out for a late night jog. Seems kinda chilly to me, but then, I don't jog at ALL, so what do I know.
04-12-19_7-52-10 PM.png

DA, too
04-12-19_7-53-58 PM.png

Zappit puts the finishing touches on his fifth excellent painting, and heads off to bed. Bhamv keeps practicing her charisma late into the night.
04-12-19_7-55-45 PM.png

Looks like Dancing is next on Klew's agenda.
04-12-19_7-56-23 PM.png

Around 1 am, much as I thought he would, Null's incorporeal self drifts in on the breeze.
04-12-19_7-57-36 PM.png

Fortunately for him, his girl has fought off sleepiness for just this opportunity.
04-12-19_7-58-29 PM.png

Oh, wow, really? The Observatory? Well. Heh. Welcome back to the household, Null.
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How are you spending our aspiration reward points? FYI: potions suck, and the CW is to skip them entirely.


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How are you spending our aspiration reward points? FYI: potions suck, and the CW is to skip them entirely.
I have explicitly mentioned every time I've purchased an aspiration reward. Usually I try to get something in line with the aspiration of the sim in question (like Zappit getting Creative Visionary), but when Mind Detective was getting on in years I did have him get a potion of youth.. and he's outlived most of the others of his age bracket. He already had Gym Rat, so I figured he could splurge a little.
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Friday, 6th of Winter, Year 2 - Household 1 (and some Household 4)


Girls just wanna have fun. Boys just want to wreck the plumbing.

Apparently Celt Z is enough to even wear out a ghost. Hot-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha.
04-13-19_9-44-19 AM.png

Cheesy's been diligently working on his logic skill, without even needing my intervention.
04-13-19_9-46-16 AM.png

Black Magic Woman Wasabi works her mojo on Gryfter's urn to see if she can get him to show up.
04-13-19_9-48-02 AM.png

Despite his fatigue, Charon tries to cook breakfast for everybody.
04-13-19_9-49-29 AM.png

Reviews of the french toast are not favorable. Nobody likes it but Cheesy and Terrik.
04-13-19_9-50-32 AM.png

I get notified that Dei's audition is in an hour, so I have to switch away from Household 1 for a bit. It's a good thing I did, too, she's just wandering the neighborhood instead of getting ready.
04-13-19_9-54-36 AM.png

Dei will perform best if she shows up to the audition confident. I have her psych herself up in the mirror before heading out.
04-13-19_9-56-00 AM.png

Everybody else in Household 4 goofs off until Gas and DarkAudit head off to work.
04-13-19_9-59-19 AM.png

Man, is Bubble ever NOT jogging?
04-13-19_10-00-23 AM.png

I have the three NEETs of household 4 play some cards to boost Tin's logic and also so they can socialize and get to be better friends.
04-13-19_10-01-44 AM.png

Dei got the gig. That means I'll probably have to switch back to Household 4 again tomorrow to make her do her thing properly.
04-13-19_10-02-48 AM.png

DA has a potential drama issue at work, but it all goes ok.
DA choice.jpg
DA win.jpg

It just seems to be a good day to be Squidley.
04-13-19_10-06-25 AM.png

Dei is monopolizing the living room mirror to practice her acting for the commercial shoot, so Celt Z has to practice her seduction on the bathroom mirror.
04-13-19_10-06-59 AM.png

To advance his aspiration, at some point, Jwhouk IS going to need a job. Let's find him something interesting to do.
04-13-19_10-07-57 AM.png

This should do.
jwhouk astronaut.jpg

Since the astronaut path wants him to play chess on his own time, he joins Tin for a game.
04-13-19_10-10-28 AM.png

It took some doing, but Dei's acting skill does eventually improve.
04-13-19_10-11-20 AM.png

Celt Z gets chased out of the bathroom by Tin being all pissy.

You know what, it'd just be easier to get a second mirror for the living room. Celt Z discovers her perfume actually also makes a pretty decent breath spray, apparently.
04-13-19_10-13-00 AM.png

The tandem twitterpation training pays off, and both girls are ready to mingle. But where? And with who?
04-13-19_10-13-45 AM.png

Meanwhile, General Specific apparently forgot he was supposed to go to work today. Ooops.
04-13-19_10-14-55 AM.png

Wasabi wants to party. She calls up all the gals she knows, even the ones she doesn't particularly get along with.
04-13-19_10-15-38 AM.png

04-13-19_10-18-50 AM.png

The DJ is bumpin and the tunes are thumpin and everybody's jumpin gettin pumped, pumped, pumped.

Cog has apparently snuck in later and hides in the corner. Keeping an eye on his wife maybe?
04-13-19_10-22-42 AM.png

Well, he also manages to find a little something he can enjoy, too...
04-13-19_10-24-17 AM.png

Give that man one little drink and suddenly he's channeling Travolta.

Oh, so Bubble DOES do something besides jog.
04-13-19_10-26-46 AM.png

As the party winds down, everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves, and lingers around to socialize.
04-13-19_10-27-55 AM.png

There is a minor incident however when Celt Z accidentally walks in on Jun in the bathroom. Awkwaaard!
04-13-19_10-28-14 AM.png

This party has given Wasabi a nice reputation boost.
Wasabi reputation.jpg

She and Jun get home from the club around 10. Wasabi's still got some moxy to strut. Jun is exhausted and heads straight to bed.
04-13-19_10-31-48 AM.png

Apparently General Specific did NOT get fired for being several hours late to work today. Cheesy NOM NOM NOM. Terrik has been goofing off all day.
04-13-19_10-34-05 AM.png

Wasabi is so pumped up she goes on a cleaning rampage.
04-13-19_10-34-22 AM.png

Charon possesses the bathroom sink, and it breaks. Whups.
04-13-19_10-35-31 AM.png

So, while Terrik, Wasabi, and GenSpec chat and watch TV...
04-13-19_10-38-08 AM.png

... Cheesy and Charon tackle the bathroom situation.
04-13-19_10-38-21 AM.png

And using the parts left over, Cheesy upgrades the toilet that gets the most traffic in the house, just to maybe head off some problems before they back up, figuratively and literally.
04-13-19_10-39-54 AM.png

Gryfter's shade arrives, and he's pissed off. With one fell swoop, he breaks the sink and the shower in another bathroom, and hovers there fuming.
04-13-19_10-40-29 AM.png

Terrik's a smooth talker, let's get him to assuage Gryfter's unrest.
04-13-19_10-41-12 AM.png

Huh, that was easy.
04-13-19_10-41-44 AM.png

Well, Gryfter, you broke it, you fix it. Welcome back to the household.
04-13-19_10-42-13 AM.png

When he gets done upgrading that toilet, Cheesy comes and helps.
04-13-19_10-42-57 AM.png

Charon plays some foosball... his way.

Having finished their repairs, Gryfter and Cheesy celebrate their renewed friendship with some nerdy chess.
04-13-19_10-45-07 AM.png

Terrik has apparently decided to teach Luca to dance.
04-13-19_10-46-50 AM.png

Tonight's "Four guys who apparently aren't going to bed" brought to you by DUNCAN HILLS COFFEE. It's blacker than the blackest black times infinity. Duncan Hills will wake you from a thousand deaths.
04-13-19_10-48-44 AM.png
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Celt Z gets chased out of the bathroom by Tin being all pissy.
That looks pretty true to life....there was this one time in my 20's when I was at a house party, drunk as a skunk, and all of the approved bathrooms were taken. So I just wandered into the hosts sister's bathroom and did my business while she was in the middle of taking a bath.

I was pretty drunk. I remember slurring out something like "I'm really sorry, but I really gotta piss. Just look at the wall."

Surprisingly, there were no repercussions, and I don't even recall her yelling at me about it during the event (though, you know, I was so drunk, she might've and I just don't remember)
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That looks pretty true to life....there was this one time in my 20's when I was at a house party, drunk as a skunk, and all of the approved bathrooms were taken. So I just wandered into the hosts sister's bathroom and did my business while she was in the middle of taking a bath.

I was pretty drunk. I remember slurring out something like "I'm really sorry, but I really gotta piss. Just look at the wall."

Surprisingly, there were no repercussions, and I don't even recall her yelling at me about it during the event (though, you know, I was so drunk, she might've and I just don't remember)
This is pretty much all of Mr. Z and I's bathroom interactions. He doesn't believe that bathroom time is Me Time, and I've given up on him ever learning that.


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Saturday, 7th of Winter, Year 2 - Household 2


Boogity, boogity.

... I forgot Adam HAD that outfit. I guess he's been to a party recently.
04-14-19_10-47-57 AM.png

MikeRC is pretty down. A number of sims he's friends with have passed away recently. He stays in this funk for most of the day.
04-14-19_10-48-11 AM.png

To advance his mixology aspiration, HCGLNS joins the culinary career track.
04-14-19_10-48-43 AM.png

When she's making pancakes for breakfast, Dirona makes a little bit of a mess.
04-14-19_10-51-10 AM.png

Emrys wants that T.
04-14-19_10-52-02 AM.png

Adam helps out by refilling the ferret's food dispenser.
04-14-19_10-52-35 AM.png

The problem with getting HCGLNS to practice his mixology is that he keeps stopping to sample his own handiwork.
04-14-19_10-53-24 AM.png

Breakfast time!
04-14-19_10-55-14 AM.png

HCGLNS takes a post-breakfast nap.
04-14-19_10-57-36 AM.png

And oh yeah, it's New Year's Eve today, so everybody who has a job gets the day off, with pay.
04-14-19_10-58-40 AM.png

Squidley can spend all day painting. Adam eagerly waits to sell them as she finishes, and they both get satisfaction toward their aspirations.
04-14-19_11-02-13 AM.png

She does take the occasional break.
04-14-19_11-04-14 AM.png

Adam is as surprised to find himself singing as anyone. Now here's a shot we need a RL expression mockup of!
04-14-19_11-05-21 AM.png

Something wrong with the grill in your back yard, Joe?
04-14-19_11-08-04 AM.png

A dangerous predator glides by, looking for her next catch... although if Emrys was aware of it, she'd probably want to invite her in.
04-14-19_11-08-27 AM.png

Emrys tries to train Pudding out of his scratching habit. Pud's not having it.
04-14-19_11-10-03 AM.png

But Emrys knows how to soothe a cranky kitty.
04-14-19_11-10-52 AM.png

Over the course of the day, Dirona makes several overtures to getting MikeRC to stop moping in his room, with varying degrees of success.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership if ever there was one.
04-14-19_11-13-25 AM.png

Gas joins the inexplicable barbecue. Think he's talking about Terrik here?
04-14-19_11-14-51 AM.png

Grilling in the snow? It's a magic spell to summon Sara if ever there was one.
04-14-19_11-15-18 AM.png

Whatcha got those sims doin' in that hot tub, Mike?
04-14-19_11-16-49 AM.png

Painting is hard work, too.
04-14-19_11-17-21 AM.png

MikeRC mischievously dares Dirona to go *streaking.* Dirona doesn't back down. Dei gets an eyeful.
04-14-19_11-25-02 AM.png

It's all well and good for a while, but it's freakin' freezing out there! Soon I am forced to intervene to prevent Dirona from freezing to death.
04-14-19_11-25-59 AM.png

Does this look like the face of embarrasment? No, it does not. Dirona got a huge kick out of that.
04-14-19_11-27-09 AM.png

Dirona makes an offering at PatrThom's urn. There is a visible reaction. Maybe he'll finally show up tonight.
04-14-19_11-29-36 AM.png

Adam gets a little flirty with Squidley, and HCGLNS doesn't like it. No sir.
04-14-19_11-30-29 AM.png

I had moved the urns out of the way by the back door to make room on the coffee table... HCGLNS goes and possesses his in a jealous fit of pique.

Ferrets get new year's treats, too.
04-14-19_11-33-51 AM.png

As an animal lover, Emrys gets aspirational satisfaction points from snuggling animals.
04-14-19_11-34-52 AM.png

Animals can be a bit of work to keep, though.
04-14-19_11-35-55 AM.png

MikeRC has a paranoid streak, and often thinks someone, something, or EVERYONE is out to get him.
04-14-19_11-36-27 AM.png

HCGLNS's jealousy has him flirt with Dirona. [MikeRC disliked that.]
04-14-19_11-38-12 AM.png

It's been a hard day of putting color to canvas, and Squidley heads off to bed at 9. It isn't long before HCGLNS joins her, and then Dirona turns in as well.
04-14-19_11-40-08 AM.png

04-14-19_11-41-29 AM.png

After midnight, an angry spirit shows up and kicks the trash can over.

MikeRC tries to soothe PatrThom's vengeful ghost, but it doesn't go well.
04-14-19_11-49-16 AM.png

It kicks off a prolonged argument that severely damages their friendship, and MikeRC slinks away, dispirited.
04-14-19_11-51-18 AM.png

Dirona's drama sense is tingling.
04-14-19_11-52-12 AM.png

She tries HER luck at subduing the rampaging Pat.
04-14-19_11-52-57 AM.png

It was super effective. Welcome back home, Pat.
04-14-19_11-53-38 AM.png

Adam gets a wild notion to go make a snow angel. Seems like he really likes the snow.

Pudding goes searching for treasure in the wreckage of Patrthom's tantrum.
04-14-19_11-56-04 AM.png

Oh hey, he actually found something. Huh.
04-14-19_11-57-34 AM.png

Pat decides to clean up the mess he made.
04-14-19_11-58-19 AM.png

Happy new year, everybody.
04-14-19_11-59-22 AM.png