Halforums House 4 - Story/Update thread

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I'm doing my own video stream of a Halforums House Redux edition, and it's already getting spicy.



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Tuesday, 3rd of Fall, Year 2 - Household 1

Household 1 - Cheesy Wasabi Gryfter Jun Charon Terrik Genspec Luca.jpg

The failed state of American Health Care, Illustrated.

As I feared, Luca has also shuffled off his mortal coil in my absence.
04-05-19_7-07-06 PM.png

It's getting a little chilly, but Wasabi still goes for a dip. In fact, she mostly wears her bathing suit all day.
04-05-19_7-08-11 PM.png

I have a spotty record with this, but I get Terrik to beseech his departed dog to return, anyway.

Then it's breakfast time.
04-05-19_7-12-01 PM.png

Cheesy tries his hand at sculpting, to further his aspiration.
04-05-19_7-12-15 PM.png

Charon's extra sad - not only has Luca died, but apparently Charon was good friends with a townie - Geoffrey Landgraab - who has also passed away.
04-05-19_7-13-05 PM.png

At 7, Terrik heads off to work. The weather's pretty nasty.
04-05-19_7-15-43 PM.png

Uh, apparently this hospital employs the undead. One of the nurses is a ghost.
04-05-19_7-15-57 PM.png

Oh hey, MikeRC is here getting treated for... something.
04-05-19_7-18-44 PM.png

Terrik spends 20 minutes doing research online. This is the most work he does all day.
04-05-19_7-20-11 PM.png

He also chats with the patients...
04-05-19_7-20-57 PM.png

And brings them food...
04-05-19_7-21-52 PM.png

Cog seems to have been involved in some kind of culinary catastrophe.
04-05-19_7-22-42 PM.png

Welp, that's not Terrik's problem, it's Coffee time.
04-05-19_7-23-43 PM.png

And then off to distract an actual doctor by complaining about his job.
04-05-19_7-25-28 PM.png

Hygiene is key, though. Can't spread any germs on all those coffee cups.
04-05-19_7-27-09 PM.png

Boy, the queue at the front desk is really piling up. But Terrik's already done everything he's supposed to do today. He chatted. He drank coffee. What more could be asked of him??
04-05-19_7-29-02 PM.png

Well, since it's Cog, Terrik pulls a few strings and gets him admitted.
04-05-19_7-31-20 PM.png

Full body burns are a bit above his pay grade, though, both figuratively and literally, so he refers the case to a more senior Doctor.
04-05-19_7-32-21 PM.png

And besides, that lets Terrik run out the clock with some hearthstone before he gets to go home.
04-05-19_7-33-19 PM.png

Good Job, Terrik!
terrik did good.jpg

Meanwhilst, Cheesy has been diligent in pursuing his logical ambitions.
04-05-19_7-35-23 PM.png

Charon was not paying attention while he computed, and barely manages to make it to the toilet in time before there's a puddle problem.
04-05-19_7-35-41 PM.png

Wasabi has her way of recharging...
04-05-19_7-36-56 PM.png

.... and Jun has hers.
04-05-19_7-37-06 PM.png

Gryfter and Cheesy have the same aspirations, so it behooves them to cooperate. Their shared interests form the basis of a strong friendship.
04-05-19_7-39-06 PM.png

Having solved his pee pee predicament, Charon decides to ease his sorrows by pulling a Dei.

Am I incapable of eating at my own house? Or do I just have some kind of crush on the vendor in the park? Why did I get more food than I can carry? Why is it all salad and milkshakes?!
04-05-19_7-47-22 PM.png

Cheesy's dinner is spoiled. He eats it anyway.
04-05-19_7-48-43 PM.png

General Specific is so tired when he gets home from work that he goes straight to bed.
04-05-19_7-52-12 PM.png

While he uses the bathroom, the sink breaks, providing Cheesy another opportunity to excel.
04-05-19_7-53-28 PM.png

Gryfter helps clean up the mess.
04-05-19_7-54-30 PM.png

Then the two of them get back to the chessboard, whilst being serenaded by Jun's violin practice. Everybody else heads off to bed.
04-05-19_7-55-19 PM.png

Genspec wakes up early for breakfast.
04-05-19_8-01-12 PM.png

Oh, hey, look who's under the table!
04-05-19_8-01-33 PM.png

Jun gives the sad spectral hound some cheering up.
04-05-19_8-02-39 PM.png

Once he's feeling better, Luca rejoins the household.

Yyyyep, he's still Luca.
04-05-19_8-09-15 PM.png
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Monday, 2nd of Fall, Year 2 - Household 5

View attachment 29827

Crazy people need love too.

Alas, much like Household 4, I am immediately greeted with sad news - Silk passed away sometime in the last few days, off camera. Still, it's fitting he had to leave one more poop before he went.
View attachment 29828

Tofu dogs for breakfast. I did buy a fire extinguisher, didn't I?
View attachment 29829

For some reason, most folks decided to go downstairs and get popcorn for breakfast instead of eat tofu dogs. Maybe nobody really likes tofu here either, just like in real life.
View attachment 29830

Sparhawk's not really hungry though; he watches a movie in the basement theater.
View attachment 29831

Coffee time.
View attachment 29832

Sara finally gets around to fixing the dishwasher, while Tiger gathers the dishes that have been piling up.
View attachment 29833

I've tried this with every urn so far and had no luck, but just to make sure, I have Sparhawk attempt to contact Silk through the urn.
View attachment 29834

The heck kind of "Great Value Brand" Jenga is this?!
View attachment 29835

Popcorn isn't very filling. Time for Second Breakfast.
View attachment 29836

Null sets down to write. He's expanding his scope, and decides to write a book of short stories this time.
View attachment 29837

Sara and Tiger get along pretty well.
View attachment 29838

Zappit's feeling mathematical today.
View attachment 29839

Sara's got ambitions, and carving something out of wood is the next step along that path.
View attachment 29840

I spot my alter ego down the street at the park, visiting a food vendor. Hey! Me! We're not really supposed to eat pizza any more!
View attachment 29841

Emrys is also seen playing in the fall leaves.
View attachment 29842

Bhamv's not made ANY progress on her romantic aspirations. I send her across the street to meet with the only person she's ever flirted with - Gryfter. Unfortunately, her erratic personality (formerly called "insanity" before Maxis got all PC on us) makes the things she say sway wildly between alluring and repellant. She gets nowhere.
View attachment 29843

Zappit goes downtown to admire the art in a local museum.
View attachment 29844

... and chat up some fellow art-appreciators.
View attachment 29845

Zappit has progressed far enough down his aspirational track to afford one of the better rewards. He becomes a creative visionary.
View attachment 29846

Klew gets home from work, and promptly breaks the coffee maker.
View attachment 29847

No coffee causes an early evening crisis of consciousness in the house.
View attachment 29848

You know, I installed two perfectly good bathrooms on the first floor, and Null still would rather "water the plants."

Sparhawk gets home from work and is so worn out he heads straight to bed.
View attachment 29849

Klew goes for a skate. He's not making a lot of progress down his aspiration track, but you know, there's a lot to be said for the satisfaction of having a job that pays $492 an hour.

Sara, however, gets focused.
View attachment 29850

This empowers her to fix the coffee machine, and use the parts to upgrade the durability of the sink. Because that's how that works, shut up.
View attachment 29851

Null's been working hard at his book all day, but as evening grows later, he finds himself getting distracted... and he and Bhamv really start to hit it off. I guess it makes sense... erratic personalities can come together in some kind of synergy, I guess.
View attachment 29852

Much to my shock, a spectral hound appears.
View attachment 29853

Sparhawk is understandably elated. He welcomes Silk back to the household.
View attachment 29854

Meanwhile, passions are rising between Null and Bhamv. Bhamv gets her first boyfriend, and the hunt is officially on.
View attachment 29855

Finally, somebody actually uses a BED for this. Bhamv and Null woo-hoo themselves straight into unconsciousness.

Hrm, it seems even ghost dogs can get sick.
View attachment 29856

Spar's not feeling so great, himself.
View attachment 29857

An etherial cone-of-shame and a new squeaky toy for the Silk Spectre.
View attachment 29858
cleaning up after roommates, CAN lead to mad Jenga skillls when it comes to dishes. Also Sara, if you can wear Foxgear and I'll try remember my Crystal Pepsi gear :)
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Maybe he can't eat at home because he doesn't want to set the grill on fire.
For context, every time my Sim Gas uses the grill, he sets it on fire. And he always uses it when I'm not actually looking.



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Wednesday, 4th of Fall, year 2, Household 2

Household 2 fixed - Dirona Patrthom Squidley MikeRC Emrys Adam and Pudding.jpg

Long Nap of the Law 2: Return of the Hobo

The Pet Mortality Parade just keeps on coming. I really need to update the household thumbnails.
04-06-19_10-28-34 AM.png

Peoples just be doin their thang, none of which applies to their careers/aspirations. In fact, it's getting kinda cold to swim, Emrys.

Dirona's level 3 cooking, and she needs 4 level 4 skills, so I prompt her to make breakfast.
04-06-19_10-31-55 AM.png

It's delish.
04-06-19_10-35-01 AM.png

Emrys apparently didn't get much sleep last night. She takes a nap right after breakfast.
04-06-19_10-40-32 AM.png

Patrthom and Dirona get to workin that chess logic, while Squidley chats with them before work. Adam gets in a little light reading.
04-06-19_10-41-30 AM.png

It's time for Squidley to crack a case. I dunno what happened with the last one, but she gets assigned a new case.
04-06-19_10-43-16 AM.png

She lays out the facts of the case, and then heads out to the crime scene.
04-06-19_10-44-26 AM.png

She interviews witnesses and gathers evidence. Not sure what happened here exactly, but it involved burning a lot of kitchen appliances.
04-06-19_10-50-04 AM.png

It's a long day of cross referencing and analyzing evidence, and all Squidley is able to glean from the information is that the suspect is female, and a genius. Unfortunately, her fatigue is starting to catch up with her.
04-06-19_10-55-56 AM.png

She puts out an APB on the suspect, and arrives at a sighting - where there are 5 women doing brainy stuff.
04-06-19_10-57-30 AM.png

Fortunately, two of them are able to point out the person of interest.
04-06-19_10-58-20 AM.png

Squidley makes the collar.
04-06-19_10-59-02 AM.png

Back at the station, Squidley goes to interrogate the suspect, but has a slight delay enroute.

She lays out the evidence arrayed against the suspect.
04-06-19_11-01-40 AM.png

Then goes a little "bad cop."
04-06-19_11-02-37 AM.png

But it's determined that the suspect is innocent, and is set free.
04-06-19_11-03-53 AM.png

This cop stuff is tough.
04-06-19_11-04-30 AM.png

Squidley goes home, and doesn't quite make it to bed.
04-06-19_11-06-17 AM.png

Boy, MikeRC sure likes that hospital gown he got.
04-06-19_11-06-47 AM.png

The ferret's still alive and kickin'. Since it is added by a mod, I wonder if it even CAN age or die.
04-06-19_11-11-22 AM.png

That night, an apparition appears.
04-06-19_11-12-32 AM.png

Squidley's glad to see him.
04-06-19_11-17-10 AM.png

HCGLNS then possesses the jukebox to scare Emrys.

"Oh hey, Scruffy! What's it like being a ghost?" "Oh, you'll find out soon." "... What?"
04-06-19_11-22-59 AM.png

HCGLNS puts that dumb urn in the corner, and mixes up a drink for his wife. And with that, his aspiration advances.
04-06-19_11-27-43 AM.png


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And now we know why SimGas is always at the food stand.
Apparently, in Dei's game, you and I are friends... but you're incredibly mean to me. You call me and ask to come over all the time, and then make fun of me and spurn my every advance. It's painful to watch. Dei finds it HILARIOUS.
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