Halforums Empyrion Server Shutting down when Alpha 10 goes live on Stable Branch


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Alpha 10 has been announced to launch on stable branch on June 17th - this coming monday.

Due to changes in my real life situation (changed employment), I can no longer really give the server the attention it needs in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new version (especially since it will involve regenerating all playfields anew from scratch), and in any event, aside from a couple weeks about a month ago with Ember came back out of the woodwork briefly, there hasn't been much in the way of anybody playing on the server in any case.

If anyone is looking for a server to play on going forward, I recommend Renntech. Noodle is no longer an admin there, last I heard, and Iceman is a great admin. If I ever get back into playing Empyrion again, I'll probably play on Renntech myself.

As usual, feel free to ask me any questions here or in discord. I'll be decommissioning the "Empyrion" sections of the discord server slowly over the next week or so, probably.


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I wondered if your new job was going to have this effect. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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I'd still have been playing the game were it not for some extenuating circumstances. I liked the game but didn't like some things that were ancillary.
I kinda figured we were getting close to our next wipe, because they always seem to come just after I finally establish a presence in PvP space. Your announcement hit the chat literally MINUTES after I planted my first base. Shoulda known.

A power outage last night at 10:30 did the deed a bit early.
I figured you were going to coincide with one of the restarts, just assumed it was going to be the 2a one.

Oh well. Gonna be a bit until I update my designs for 10 anyway, once I learn what's changed.
...I mean, just redoing the blocks themselves due to all the additional shapes is gonna be a chore.