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So I'm sure you guys remember I had stomach surgery to facilitate weight loss, and that it went very well. I lost 165 pounds! Well, then COVID happened, and during a lot of working from home I managed to pack 50 of those pounds back on over the last 2 years. Well, this month I finally clenched my fist and decided I was going to get serious again and went back to strict portion controls, eliminated snacking and grazing, and no more food after 8 pm.

I've been very pleased with the results. In the last 30 days I've lost 8 pounds. Just a start, but it feels good to be back on track.
I lost a whole bunch of weight during covid and in preparation of the wedding etc, and right after I got sick with a pretty bad stomach flu and didn't eat for two days. I was already pretty thin but now I feel like I'm wasting away, I can still only eat small portions or I get nauseous. I've lost more weight and I can literally see my legs and arms get thinner.
Still have a bit of a pot belly, to add insult to injury. All my hard won muscle mass is gone and the fat I had is still there. Ugh.
And with the wedding now behind me I'm having a hard time thinking of any reason to actually bother anymore.
I swear to God, my lungs are getting weaker week to week rather than stronger. I'm not even able to jog what I could 2 weeks ago.

This sucks.
I don't know about you, but allergy season has been messing with my outdoor runs. It's effecting my breathing once I've been out for more than 20 minutes. I can start feeling those bastard leaf molds crawling down my throat.
Oh I'm allergic to everything outdoors (and cats) so I feeeeel like I'm used to this shit by now, but you are probably correct. All these dead leaves moldering.
I think I missed posting a ride or two.

Today was 62 miles -- the proverbial metric century (100 km)

I got home, realized how close I was to the century, and rode around the neighborhood to pick up the last 3 km (1.8 miles).