[Soccer] Euro 2024

It's somewhat amazing, that there are still 22 players on the field.
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And the next one on the ground.
This should have been the finals. These were the two best teams, they were really closely matched, and both teams deserved a top spot.
Fullkrug just had a little too much bad luck.
And honestly, that hands play should have been a penalty.
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And it's over

To bad, I expected at least semi final.
On the other side of the brackets England or the Netherlands is probably going to make the finals and they're not as good as Germany. Far from it.
The hands play is still discussed.
I know. The offside before might be a way out for the VAR but the decision was made so fast that wasn't what they judged on.
I say that this was a way more important hands play than the one that got Belgium's goal denied against Slovakia.
... Is there really no mercy rule for the public where we can send these two home and keep Germany?
Asking as a neutral spectator. Really. It would benefit the quality of the total tournament.
I think any neutral spectator who enjoys football has to be rooting for a Spain-Netherlands final now.
And heavens know I DONT want the Netherlands to have yet another final spot (or even victory though that seems unlikely) to lord over Belgium, but....
I don't care who Spain play in the final, over the course of the tournament they've earned this trophy far more than either England or Netherlands. Not that I believe either of those teams have a chance if Spain can maintain their high standards for one more match.