Denbrought makes arts?

Not really, but we'll pretend this is the Arts & Crafts Corner and give me a cookie :p

In my free time I'm helping my wife by learning some basic photography (without a non-phone camera) and also making trinkets, which I'm told people like (I dispute this). For shameless self-promotion, and so I can stop mentioning it, here's a link to her store.

Here's a batch I finished yesterday, since we got asked about Harry Potter a lot at the last con:

I'm going to be trying to do some Zelda pandering next, possibly GoT and LOTR if I can draw up a decent schematic.
Sold a Gryffindor bag to someone in Ohio, so that was nice :D

Over Christmas I made a few new bags, got around (shoddily) photographing them today, along with a batch of my wife and her partner's stuff. Also re-shot the Ravenclaw bag, because the color of it was *really* bugging me.

Here you go, more attempts at hitting a popular vein with the nerds: