[Drawing] David's Thing-a-Day

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Adorable Hippo could totally be your company name or something. :D

My own request: Dilbert Pinkerton! (mutant armadillo in a trenchcoat & fedora)
I'm planning some other designs to launch with it: an elephant, a wallaby, and a dragon so far. Maybe a zombie?

Today's thing: failed rigid body dynamics in Softimage
Very, very rough baby dragon sketch. Mainly because I kept putting off today until I was running out of time.

Dilbert Pinkerton coming tomorrow!
Made this for Project Wonderful, gonna build some other sized banners as well. Hoping to get onto the Questionable Content advert zone for a few hours.
I'll post it around and see if I can get any more backers. Regardless...I really want a hippo shirt and will get one anyway I can. So cute!
Thank you so much, LittleKagsin!

Now at $277/$300 with 7 hours to go, meaning just two more shirts need to sell in the next 7 hours. Tension is running high!
No comic today, just a 3D hand I spent several hours trying to give sub dermal lighting. Trying to make it more fleshy and less waxy.

nice! with the headshape being a touch large and the hips not totally developed, this looks more like a teen/young adult body type. Which is really tough to pull off.
Been drawing illustrations for a friend's prototype card game, so I can't share them until he starts promoting it. Incidentally I am way behind on draw-every-day =/

However... HIPPO SHIRTS.
Some sketch requests from Kickstarter I've already sent out:


"A red fox please. Yay!"


"A red panda (it is different animal from a regular panda bear!)"

"Ideal: a robotic version of ET with a glowing finger. Barring that, a Giraffe."
Got my hippo shirt yesterday!! YAY!! I'll take a picture when I get home. Also, my sketch got here safe and sound, thank you thank you!
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