Covar's minature painting

Figured I should stop boggarting Krisken's thread and start one of my own.

Here's my most recent miniature completed, the Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Astropath. I'm super pleased with how he's turned out, he was my first metal mini, so I wasn't used to how easily the paint chipped.



Thoughts and advice welcome!
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Are these handmade? If so, whoa! How?

The paint job is fantastic, too. I always admire the patience it must take to put such attention to detail on those tiny figures.
Hand painted with brushes.

The highlights seem a little harsh, but look great from the tabletop, I didn't realize how bold they were until I looked at the pictures.
Looks fine to me :) Something you'll notice is taking pictures will always make the small details stand out way more.
New iPhone 6+ camera + better macro techniques = new pictures of an old squad.

These guys are the first miniatures I ever painted. I've posted them before, but this is a much better shot. The only changes from the models are non-gloss varnish (which I applied to heavily) and the grass.

WIP, my next cadian squad. Base coat with their color scheme. I picked the colors based on my all time favorite sci-fi show.
WIP, my next cadian squad. Base coat with their color scheme. I picked the colors based on my all time favorite sci-fi show.
Sharpe's Rifles?
j/k, but the 95th was my inspiration back in the day and your base coat reminded me :)

10 seasons and 2 spinoff and Stargate SG-1 still struggles for recognition. :okay:
All I can say is that I have no regular TV nor internet TV or stuff since 1994.
I get snippets of things from the gf's screen, but I swore off that addiction. Now I waste all my time in MMOs. :(
WIP Taurox. I've been trying to get at least an hour of painting in each day. This guy was primed quite a while ago (using Army Painter's Army Green), and I'm just now getting around to finishing him. Needed a break from base coating guardsmen.
How wonderful!! I can’t believe that all these are handmade! I love art and craft. Recently I am working on Aboriginal Art painting. This painting will describe some interesting historical stories. The best part is that my son is also helping me in this painting.

Grey knight kill team I made up after reading the Legacy of Russ series which featured Brother Captain Stern and some Grey Knights helping the Space Wolves defend the Fenris system from Chaos Demon's.
A WIP Orruk Megaboss for Age of Sigmar. I'm going to be starting a new Ironjawz army as part of a Path to Glory campaign and wanted to test out a color scheme I could quickly paint. The orange armor panels and skin are done up with washes, followed by a dry brush.


This guys also been a nice break from painting up my Bood Bowl team.
Backed a kickstarter by tablewar for a product called macromats. Basically a set of neoprene photo backdrops and a little stand and case. I like the results on my photos though.

Setup a new paint station in my room. I'm going to use it to try and get my painting time up to at least an hour a day. That also means some WIP as I go. Everything in this post started primed.

First up a pair of Referees for Blood Bowl.


A chaplain for my custom chapter, the Aquamarines (see above post).

Another WIP of the Chaplain. Still not painting as often as I want to be, but eh. No pics of the referees because I'm still basically layering up the colors.

Damnit one day I'll finish a model through to the end again. Got a real bad case of hobby ADD.

Here is my Tau pathfinder kill team for Shadow War: Armageddon. It's the new 40k skirmish game based on the old Necromunda rules. It's pretty great.