"Close Personal Friends of GasBandit" Discord Channel


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Hey folks, anyone who has been in Discord recently knows it's been getting kinda busy and loud in there lately. This has had a detrimental effect both on my stream and the enjoyment of those of us who just want to play together with other halforumites. Last night we had NINE people in one discord channel (and only Myself, @grub, and @PatrThom from halforums) and it got to be bedlam with people talking over each other and it nearly drove me to my wit's end. I even had to create a second "general" Empyrion voice channel so people could go aside to talk about things verbosely without disturbing the rest.

So, to better facilitate things, I've created a new role on the server I'm calling "Close Personal Friends of GasBandit." There is a voice channel in the Empyrion Section called CPF/GB that only members of this role can enter and use.

And I've added every single halforumite to that role who has logged into the Discord server at any point, and anyone from here that comes later need only send me a PM to be added. I've also added my friend Dimento. If I accidentally missed you (maybe because your Discord handle doesn't match your forum username?) pm me and I'll get you in.

This way, we're not "muting" anybody, and the new batch of users can still talk to each other no problem, but when we just want to game with the community that birthed the server, we've got a place to do that.

It may seem a bit "Ivory-Tower-ish," but hey, it's not like SovietWomble lets everybody who joins his teamspeak be on his stream, either, right?

Also pinging @Gared, @Aislynn, @Tinwhistler, and @Dave so they hear it here first.
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