[News] Car then Knife Attack on British Parliament

Irish Times: Four dead as knifeman attacks police in ‘terrorist incident’ at Houses of Parliament in London
CTV (Canada) - At least 2 dead in London car rampage, stabbing

Guy uses car to drive over people, then jumps out, runs into Parliament Building with knives and stabs an officer. He was shot at least 3 times. Not clear at the time of writing this if the guy is alive/dead. There are live updates on this story from all over if people are interested.

Yikes doesn't quite cover it for this one.


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Buddy of mine is in London right now on vacation with his wife. He posted this:

Soooo. Some crazy shit just happened right after we took this picture. I heard three or four loud bangs and some people running. Across the street there were three or four people on the ground. We thought maybe a car or bus hit them, but seconds later the military police made us run from the scene. We booked it to a hotel several blocks away, which is in lockdown. We are safe here and are waiting to hear what happened. Nothing but excitement with the Popes. We have wifi currently, but not sure how long. Peace.
Follow-up attack thwarted? Or what?

Man arrested after speeding toward shopping area in Antwerp, Belgium
Man held for 'driving at crowd' in Antwerp, Belgium

So... ya. Two in two daysin Europe, luckily 2nd was thwarted, though some people still had to jump out of the way. I'm amazed nobody died. A car is a deadly weapon, easily. We mostly forget about how dangerous they can be because they're so normal to our lives.
What's amazing is how badly he did. He was stopped literally 2 kilometers from where he started. Yes, OK, pursued by cops fairly quickly and had to abandon "trying to hit people", but still. If you're going to try and drive into a crowd, doing so on a shopping street on Thursday morning is just bad planning. Choosing one of the widest car-free lanes in the country is stupid. Seems more like a mentally unstable, desperate copycat than a genuine secondary terrorist attack.
Still glad they caught him and no one was seriously injured, of course.