Abortion Doc Murder - mods prepare to lock

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Posting something for the purpose of stirring up shit is the definition of trolling. Lock the thread yourself this time.

Kitty Sinatra

Why did you put the church in quotes? Reformation Lutherans just not real to ya? :p


I just can't believe any place of worship allows someone in who murders babies, to actually be called a church.

It is SOO..antithetical to everything the Church should believe.. unholy to the extreme.. it's one of THE things that pisses God off the most.. it just makes my blood boil to even think about the hypocrisy of him being in church, and doing what he does.


Well clearly if you are an abortion doctor you can't really attend church, it was most likely a satanic service where small cute furry animals were sacrificed.

On a more serious note, whether you did or didn't agree with what he did, it's still sad to see


Too much to say, all of it already said before. The foe list expands.
You know what, a drive-by troll post by someone who then leaves the forum does get a lock.

If someone wants to make a new thread to discuss this in a civil matter, be my guest; I'm not opposed to polite discussion (from ALL perspectives) on this tragedy. On topics like this it would be really nice if we could respect each other.
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