[Contest] 5 Year Anniversary Contest

I'm in, while simultaneously out of my pants.
...and into sauna pants? ;)

EDIT: Also, I probably won't be able to attend any online drawings, but I'll figure it out if I win something.

EDIT 2: Oh, that's right, I'm on vacation at the end of that week. I might actually be around for that. Kewlness.
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If one of you losers who's too cool for a PS4 wins it, I call dibs.


I mean "loser" in the most endearing possible way.
I shall participate within the confines of this contest with the utmost concentration and possible live interaction.

or, to be more plainly spoken....

I'll delurk long enough to say the below and to say that NR was such a wonderful guy to do this for Dave and a big thank-you for Dave to be so awesome as to pay for this place and do this.

I'm in.

Not that I ever win anything.
That is a beautiful sentiment from North Ranger. He had such a big heart.

I'm in, but one caveat: we don't need the PS4 (long story short: we're getting one for free elsewhere), so if my number gets called, you can either switch me to a gift cert or just pick another number.
I'm in.

How can that big Finnish bastard make me feel emotions in the shriveled black hole that is my heart simulacrum even from beyond the grave?
I abstain in hope money goes to someone who needs it more than I (or to the site) and the PS4 goes to someone who appreciates it and puts it to use; my MMO obsession is dire einough that I barely get back to my good ol' guitar hero X-Box...

Just chiming in for a 'Gods bless Mikko!'