2019 NCAA Football Thread

Tonight's game at Titan Stadium... er, Keller Field in Oshkosh will be essentially for the WIAC title. A win by the Warhawks (9-0 overall) would mean the undisputed WIAC Championship - and another undefeated season for Whitewater in D3 Football. The Titans (7-2 overall) would get a tie for the WIAC crown should they beat UWW. It is likely that the Titans are playing for a spot in the D3 Football Tournament, though no other WIAC team has managed to make the Top 25 of the D3football.com polls since season's start.


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Final: Iowa 23, Minnesota 19

The previously undefeated and #8 team in the country Minnesota.


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Tua with a dislocated/fractured hip. Shades of Bo Jackson, anyone?
The coach was a fucking moron. Well, so is Tua. Coach was pulling him and Tua argued to stay in. The coach let him. You’re the coach.
Bucky keeps the axe, and advances on to play TOSU for the Big Ten title.

And UWW wins 41-28 over Wartburg to advance to the D3 Quarterfinals... against Mary Hardin-Baylor. The team that knocked us out of the playoffs last year.

Oh, other news: Mount Union LOST. So we won't be seeing their purple buttocks anytime soon.
I see what you're doing, @jwhouk. Stop it. We don't need Georgia or, God forbid, Alabama back in the CFP discussion.
Who're you kidding? I'd want Bucky to be in the CFBP before Tide.

Oh, and in important news: U-Dub-Dub beat the defending champion Mary Hardin Baylor to advance to the D3 semis against St. John's of Minnesota.
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Who're you kidding? I'd want Bucky to be in the CFBP before Tide.

Oh, and in important news: U-Dub-Dub beat the defending champiome Mary Hardin Baylor to advance to the D3 semis against St. John's of Minnesota.
The best they would've gotten was a confirmed trip to Pasadena. Now they need to wait for their resume to be compared to the likes of PSU.
LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma, & Ohio State

I hope someone other than Clemson wins it this year. I have way too many Tiger fans around me at work/life in general to suffer through another year of championship celebrations.

That being said, my prediction is LSU vs Clemson for the title, with LSU winning it.

UW-W punches their ticket to Stagg Bowl 47 with a 35-32 thriller over St. John's at Perkins Stadium.

The Warhawks now have a date with the North Central College Cardinals at Shenandoah, Texas. This'll be the third meeting for these two teams - the Warhawks won both of their previous games by scores of 59-28 (in 2007 at home) and 20-10 (in 2010 at North Central).

Game is Friday December 20 at 7 PM CST.


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Some notes about Iowa’s season.

Allowed no team to score more than 24 points in a game.

Lost 3 games by a total of 14 points.

Only losses were to ranked conference opponents.

Solid season.
In the other Bowl game to be played in Phoenix this weekend, USAFA defeated WaSU, 31-21.
...That probably would have been a better game than what happened in the Peach Bowl.
...I'm having one of "those" days in sports fandom.

You know, when your team fails on the national stage when everyone is watching, and gives you just enough hope to make you think they can win...

...but they don't.


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Nope. I have no idea what you are talking about.
Dallas Stars 4, Nashville Predators 2.

Oregon Ducks 28, Wisconsin Badgers 27.


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Oh I know. I watched.

But Iowa kicked ass.

I still have the Cowboys for that uncomfortable feeling, though.
Reporter: What have you done in the wake of the death of George Floyd?

FSU PR flack: answers.

FSU *player*: Say WHAT!?

People think theres a real chance Norvell loses the job before he even starts.
PAC12 CEOs have determined that there will be no non-conference games for football (and several other sports) this fall, and that mandatory reporting dates for athletics will be postponed until several key indicators, which have recently been trending up, are back to trending down. This is expected to have ripple effects across the NCAA.
Local paper's headline Thursday was the Ivy League decision meant nothing to WVU sports. That didn't age well.