2019 NCAA Football Thread

All I saw was the score, but it appears WVU had their hands full with James Madison. Top of the heap of FCS, but FCS all the same.
My Gamecocks lost to UNC in their opening weekend. So I have already stopped caring about the season.
So uhhh....West Virginia is...not good.
The cupboard isn't just bare, it's dust. Brown is having to completely start over because Dana didn't leave him anything to work with.

A coworker was predicting 10 wins before the start of the season. Um... about that.
Were not as bad as losing to Wyoming indicated but we shouldn't be destroying a non-kansas P5 team like that either. I hope they give your coach a long leash.
Final score from Perkins Stadium: Warhawks 42, Dubuque 7.

EDIT: Oh, and those other guys at Camp Randall won, 61-0, too.


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Iowa 30, Rutgers 0.

Colorado 34, Nebraska 31.

I'm loving it.
Overheard in Morgantown. NC State band are our new best friends...

Sources close to the band say they knew exactly what they were doing. :rofl:
OU has started off strong against some really weak teams. We'll see if they can handle Clemson or bama again.
Undefeated in non-conference play. Now, to ask that eternal question that has plagued millions:

What the F### is a "Blugold"?


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Are you kidding me?!? I stopped watching at 49-17 after WSU scored their second TD in the second half. Holy sheepdip.
...Wait, was that a football game or a basketball game that WaSU and UCLA played last night?
Bye week for the Warhawks. Bucky played okay against N'Western, enough to get the win.
We still hold the axe.

No, not that one. The Miner's Axe. 21-14 over Platteville.

I suspect we will probably stay at #3 in D3, but UMHB might drop a bit in the polls. (Insert "used Subaru for sale" joke here.)
How the hell did South Carolina beat Georgia? I've looked at the box score and all the missed field goals and such, it just doesn't make sense.
Seven and oh, baby. River Falls drops to the Big Purple Machine, 49-28, up at UWRF.

UWW is now 4-0 in the WIAC, but have three other teams at 3-1 behind them in the standings. UW-Platteville is the only one-loss team among them - but their lone loss was at the hands of the Warhawks two weeks ago, 21-14.