[NHL] 2019-2020 NHL Season

This season can go only one of two ways:

1) Less painful than last season.

2 The leafs winning the cup.
That's the spirit! Glad to see you're helping to plan the parade. Our buds shuffled defensemen today and we've shored up the backup goalie situation.
Chris Kunitz retired to take an office job with Chicago.
4 cups, 1 gold metal, destroyed entire Ottawa franchise.
Tampa Toronto Boston
Washington New Jersey Columbus
Montreal Ottawa

Nashville St Loius Winnipeg
Calgary Vegas Annaheim
Colorado Vancouver

Tampa beats Nashville in 4.
1. Division winners will be Tampa, Washington, Dallas, and Calgary.
2. Pittsburgh will make the playoffs as the second Wild Card in the east. Florida will be the other one.
3. Edmonton will miss the playoffs.
4. St. Louis will be the last team in from the Central - but as the #3 seed in the division. (Nashville will finish 2nd.)
5. Arizona won't (but will get swept in the first round by Dallas).
6. Toronto will finish second in the Atlantic. Boston will finish third. Guess who wins that matchup (hint: they don't wear blue sweaters).
7. Tampa will hold on to win over the Pens, but lose to Boston in the conference semis.
8. Florida upsets Washington in seven; Ovechkin announces he's retiring.
9. Bruins beat the Islanders for the East title.
10. Nashville takes out the Blues, takes the Stars to seven, but can't win game 7 at AAC.
11. Vegas walks past San Jose and beats the Stars in seven to advance to their second Stanley Cup finals.
12. This time, they win it in six.
...I'm a bad fan.

I did not even realize that the Predators had a game last night, let alone one located a mere 40 miles away from me.
No it has to be a surprise after December.

Like the 2011-12 Leafs, 1st overall Nov 2011, 3rd overall in Jan 2012.

Went 8-20 in February and March 2012.
Yeah, but that's the Leafs. Ballard's Curse and all.
It's just a recent example of how rare it is especially since the shoot out, that teams who are doing well by December will not make the playoffs.

I could have chosen the 2002 Senators, watching their season disappear as Hasek gets injured in the Olympics.

Meanwhile - Our captain for the next eight years!

(Until Poile trades him in two or three for six draft picks and an unheralded #2 d-man...)
No confirmation yet. Many other outlets saying the same. Expected by most.

Confirmed, Cherry resigns.
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Elkhom mugs Malkin in Nashville. Doesn't keep them from getting their asses kicked. Return match in Pittsburgh tomorrow. :mad: