[NHL] 2017-18 NHL - 100 Years (aka The Rise of the Golden Knights)

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This is the reason why you play all those games to get all those points - so you can play game seven at home.
This series hasn't seen a lot of home wins. That's not necessarily a good thing for some strange reason this year.
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I want it to be Washington vs Vegas in the final. Where Ovi learrns that it was Fleury never Crosby who is his real nemesis.
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I also want LV vs Washington because i honeslty wouldnt care who won then.

Also apparently we missed some drama here early this morning :hide:
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I watched, sadly.

I do agree with one thing that was tossed around the Predator Nation yesterday - these were probably the two best teams in the NHL playing each other.

We essentially lost this series back in game three when we couldn't take the home ice back with a win to make it 2-1.